Wednesday, 20 August 2014


... on my knit club. And don't I feel terrible?! Haha! NOT A CHANCE! I feel great! But I may still be drunk.

So, there's a lady called Allison who came to some of my lessons recently (Learn to Crochet maybe?!?) and it turns out that she's not only great fun and a lovely lady but she's also one of them there dead annoying people who gets. things. done. And one of the things that she's gone and done recently is starting a knit club in Beeston (called Wool and Wine I think?!). The inaugural meeting was last Tuesday and I missed it because I'm a tit but I was determined to go this week because I'd heard from a few sources that it was jolly good fun. I got Boyf on board too.

It starts at 7 and it's at the White Lion which is a lovely little pub right in the centre of Beeston (if you can get yourself to the bus station then you can see it. Whether you can get to it through the maze that is Beeston town centre at the moment is an entirely different matter...).

I feel super bad because I've not been to my knit club in yonks - a mixture of holidays and being a generally miserable bugger who uses all my good will up on you lovely customers and then has none left over for knit clubbers. Bah humbug. SORRY STEPH!

Anyway, the ladies there were great. A right mixture of newbies and experts, knitters and crocheters, crafters and artists and one particularly lovely lady who had a 'thing' for Mr Tumble. *snort* It was so great catching up with a few customers who I've not seen in a while and meeting some potential new ones (always a bit awks going to a knitting club as a yso because there's a fine line between being excited and talking about your life and sell sell selling).

Lovely Pat was there in her AMAZING jumper and after having seen her and her husband Ken in the day time I'd persuaded them both to come.

That's the King Cole Riot DK in Neon and pattern number 3828 and if you make it you too could be as happy as Pat. :)

I knew that Ken, miserable bugger that he is, would get on like a house on fire with Chris, miserable bugger in training and they sat in the corner buying eachother pints of real ale and putting the world to rights. Ha. It left the rest of us to get on with the important stuff. A lot of knitting was done, but not by me. I managed to crochet together one strip of squares. And that's it. Happily, Pat forgot a needle so I set her to work on my tunic which is at the moment just a large swathe of stocking stitch in a colour I don't really like and she got about 3 inches done! I call that knitting vicariously. :)

So, once again, it's every Tuesday from 7-9 (but we stayed later) at the White Lion in Beeston and I had a whale of a time so I reckon you lot will too. And if you're closer to town, pop into the Broadway every Tuesday from 6-8 where you'll find more mad knitters crying because I've broken their hearts by cheating.

Three cheers for Allison!

And now just a few update-y bits because I've been away accounting for so bloody long.

I took the blanket to Chester Races on Saturday. It was grand and I got a lot done! All of the 'verticals' are done now and I'm working through the horizontals but it's BLOODY HUGE so it's taking its time.

That was before it all of  the verticals were done but it's one of the few places I was able to spread it out properly. I haven't got anywhere near measuring it but it's 22 squares long and 17 squares wide and each square is about 5/6 inches across so that's 9 foot by 7 conservatively and potentially 11 foot by 8.5. Plus border. Plus stretch. I keep joking that it means that me and Chris can sit on opposite sides of the sofa under the same blanket and never have to touch. Anyway, I'll be writing a much more in depth post when it's done. Taking you through the journey. And what a journey it's been! Haha.

I wore heels. I just wanted to get this noted for posterity because those beautiful (and *almost* comfy) red shoes are falling apart and I'll not be able to wear them for much longer. It was fine because the grass was 'good to soft' and my heels kept sinking in making it feel like I was wearing flip flops. Haha.

And finally a Versace update:

She's still the most beautiful cat that's ever been born. Obvs. She's SO much better now. She doesn't have to follow us when we leave the room anymore and I've seen her properly sleeping - like twitchy legs catching mice sleeping. :) The other morning she jumped onto the sofa near the kitchen and looked us straight in the eye whilst having a piss. Hahahah. Usually I would have grabbed the bugger and told her off then shown her the litter tray but it's a fine line with little Versace because she's still an abused cat even if she is one that pisses on the sofa whilst retaining eye contact. Blurgh. She's much less scared of the shower now, she'll even sit at the top of the steps to the bathroom whilst you're having one but she won't under any circumstances come into the room whilst it's on. She still hates Kanye but she luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurves Beyonce. Good cat. 

Also this:

No words necessary. Apart from why does Chris insist on having a phone with such a terrible camera?!??! It's almost as if he doesn't think his photos will end up on the blog of an award winning yarn shop... Have you voted??? ;)

Tomorrow I have a tutorial for you... hopefully... 

Love Eleanor. xxx

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  1. Loving Versace, Good work guys, she's doing well.