Saturday, 30 August 2014

Truly Hooked Wishes Knit Nottingham a Happy Birthday!

It's only a couple of days until we're FOOOOOOOUR! Four years old. At this point we're walking, talking, still snotting, occasionally throwing a wobbler in the supermarket and thinking about school. Excellent. Luckily, the shop isn't an actual human which means that we are allowed to celebrate with booze. :) AND LOVELY WOOL! I'm doing the same thing as we did with the Love Your Local Yarn Shop Day and I've got some gorgeous yarn dyed up by Vezza that has a message and you have the chance to win it!

A ticket to win it costs £2.00. You can buy as many as you like and opt for as many colours as you like. You'll be entered into the competition and the winners will be announced on the Facebook group at the end of Saturday and then on the blog here on the Monday or Tuesday afterwards (whenever I'm back in the shop basically). But this time there's a little extra element because one of the colourways hasn't been collected from last time, despite my best efforts to contact her, so each time you enter the draw you'll also be entered into a separate draw for this beautiful lot:

 Which is the Berries colour from the Love Your Local Yarn Shop Day Yarn. Gorge yeah!?

So, here are your options:

I don't know why the 'Jam' ended up so small. My favourite is September. I know it's a weird name but to be it looks like the beginning of Autumn and also a little bit like school books and folders. I think it's gorge! Do you love them!? Who am I kidding? Of course you do.

So, click here for the link and buy buy buy. :)

But that's not your only chance to get some Truly Hooked yarn. Oh no! On the day we'll have lots of grads available and hopefully, subject to what Vezza's up to, some other bits too! LOOK:

HEHEHEHEHEHEHEEHHEHEEHHEEHHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE! These are gonna be roughly £15.00 for 100g (but some might be a bit less and also luxury fibres might be a bit more - all to be decided when we know what's going on...). So you can see how much of a bloody bargain the BIRTHDAY PARTY BLANKS are! YEAH!!!

I'm off to prepare for tomorrow's lesson/tidy because somehow, it's got to 5.20 and I've no idea where the day's gone...

Love Eleanor. xxxx

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