Monday, 8 September 2014

What Birthdays Are Good For.

Reminding me how awesome my customers are.

Giving me an excuse to get some ridiculously good yarns in. 

Catching up with friends. 

Who I haven't seen in ages because this time of year is mad and summer makes me miserable.

Relaxing in good company. 

 Eating nuclear coloured cakes. 

And the most intensely rich dream tarts ever. 

Giving away free things to FANTASTIC loyal customers like Sarah Richardson, Steph Slack, Elaine Pattison, Laura-Jo Webster, Pat Stephenson and Kate Beautmont (who gets a special shoutout for washing up, cleaning the toilet floor, wiping up baby sick (and bringing the means to do that) and taking me home - she can come back). 

Moving the whole shop around ready for a fresh winter feel. 

Which guarantees that I'll sleep well for the next three nights by wringing me out physically, intellectually and emotionally. Do you know how hard it is to move this tiny shop around? Elizabeth now does, as does June for the third year running. They are both absolute troopers who deserve a MASSIVE thank you and all of our appreciation. 

Feeling like a movie star when customers make me pose with my huge bouquets before leaving them to booze in peace. In the shop. On their own. That's how much I trust them. When June's around to keep them in line.... ;)

Getting two of the most beautiful bouquets I've ever seen. 

And a ridiculous amount of calories leftover. 

I forgot to put Davina's HUGE box of Celebrations in the photo... 
Making the shop smell like a brewery. 
And, and I haven't got a photo for this, a big old glob of money that we can use to make the shop better by spending it on yarn, or fixtures or a new laptop or savings or a whole load of things!!!

Thank you to everybody that came on Saturday. I really was worried that nobody would come for some reason but throughout the day there were at least four of you and more like 15 for most of it. So full I spent most of the day chatting and smoking outside and only coming in when somebody needed to use the till... Each and every one of you is loved and appreciated here. If Knit Nottingham is more than just a yarn shop, and I think it is, then it's you lot that make it. And thanks to everybody who wanted to come but couldn't and to those who came last week and to those who come throughout the year. AHHHHHHH I LOVE YOU ALL!

Love Eleanor. xxx

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