Saturday, 20 September 2014

Winner Announcement and a New Competition!

Oh Me Oh My! I've been astounded by the success of the #winner giveaway. Astounded! Welcome to all the new likers and followers. We hope you stick around to become part of the gang and if you're close enough pop in and meet us too - we're a bloody great bunch. Even if I say so myself. :)

So the first giveaway winner is Marlene Hardy!

She wins this marvelous sock blank from Verity at Truly Hooked. I can't resist putting this photo up because it's so blooming cute!

We had an incredible 427 entries for this round. Let's hope we can beat it in the next! 


AMAZING! You guessed it! It's the Masham. And there's a FULL PACK up for grabs. Twelve beautiful balls. Ahhhh. Now it's up to you whether you take all one colour or all different colours or a few of each. It also applies over the full Masham range so that's the gorgeous and washable Masham DK or the sturdy and feltable Masham Misty DK. We've sold a fair bit of this stuff now so I can't wait for finished object photos to start tumbling in. In the meantime I've been knitting:

This beautiful cardi from the King Cole 4014 pattern in the Bracken colourway of the Masham DK. These oddly shaped socks from the same pattern: 

 Which look a lot less odd when they're on feet. And finally, today I finished these glorious slippers in the Masham Misty DK:

And they're due for a good old felting (I know, I know, it's fulling.... pedants) tonight when I finally find out how to work Boyf's washing machine (can you tell I'm excited about that....?).

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that it's gorgeous yarn and it's not cheap so I'm hoping somebody who is as in love with it as I am and skint as I am wins. Failing that, just somebody that will give it a good home. :)

How to you win? Same way as last time so I'm going to copy and paste from this blog:

"So, I want to thank you! I'm going to do a big series of giveaways. I've been thinking long and hard about what to offer and I've got all sorts to give away which is really exciting and I think I'm going to spread it out over a few weeks culminating on the 9th of October or thereabouts which is when me and Vezza are going to London to collect the award. 

Now, I ain't stupid, I'm an award winning business woman (mwhahahahaha), so I'm not doing this for free. I'd like more followers onFacebook and Twitter so that more people know about how fabulous we all are. So I'm going to be putting some posts on Facebook andTwitter in order to win you need to either comment linking somebody you think would like to win on Facebook (you do that by typing '@' and then straight after the name of one of your friends with no spaces) - you get one entry per post and each person that you link gets one entry per post even if you comment more than once or the friend gets linked more than once. I'll be putting up more than one post per item though, so you do have a chance of multiple entries. If you're on Twitter, simply retweet. "
And just in case you missed why we're doing this - especially to the newbies that have joined us - well, we only went and WON Best Yarn Shop In The Midlands! Which is AMAZING for a tiny and disorganised shop liked ours but hopefully you'll stick around to join the madness that our loyal regulars have enjoyed for the last four years.

This competition closes on Wednesday the 24th when the next prize is announced and that is ALSO A GOODUN! I can't wait. :)

Love Eleanor. xxxxxx

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