Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Well, I was just going to do an updatey post today but it's going to turn into a bit of a love affair to the Masham I think. I am now on my fourth (you read that right, it's been in less than three weeks and I'm on my fourth) project. And this one's a good'un. 

Can you guess what it is???? Hmmm. I'm not sure I could either. It's this!

Which is pattern 3899. Isn't it gorgeous? I'm making the jumper version. I love the neck and the sleeves. Can you see though that there are granny square type things in there? You might be able to see that better on the short sleeve version. Well, essentially you make granny squares, then make a whole jumper with granny square shaped holes and then you sew them in. Madness! Actual madness! But thinking about it, I'm not sure how else you'd do it. I've not come across the technique before though but I like it! Means you get through the front pretty swiftly. With massive fackin' holes full of nothing. MWHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!

The squares are pretty cute too:

And I've got the pattern memorised pretty much now. King Cole tell you to do all the squares and then do the body but I'm doing a bit of both because the squares are fun but the body's a bit easier to do, back and forth, and also, I'm sure flitty crocheter that I need a few different things on the go. They might as well be different things from the same project. AND really, this needs to be done by this weekend so that it can be TIE BLOODY DYED! And I need to give Vezza a square when I next meet her so that she can have a play with how well it takes up dye. I have a feel that this will suck it up like me with red wine. And I've crocheted it with a 4.5mm hook because it's all that was to hand.

Actually, I need to talk about this. Starting with a confession - I didn't do a gauge swatch. There you have it. I just started. Can you see the first 'rib' bit? Well, you do that across, so it's like 12 sts back and forth until the length that they say, then you pick up stitches and work normally upwards. Well, I knew I'd be going down a size anyway because of the big hook, then when I finished the 'rib' it just looked HUGE! So I took off 10 rows to make it the next size down which means I'm working the second size which means I'm officially a 32-34" bust. Ha! THAT'S HOW TO DIET LADIES! Just keep eating tasty cakes and chocolate but use a bigger hook! DELICIOUS! 

Anyway, I'm trying not to go mad on it but I'd really like to have it done by the time we get back from Yarndale... Speaking of Yarndale: 

Back to the jumper - do you think I should block before sewing? That makes sense doesn't it but what about time?!!?!? AHHH! The plan yesterday and today was to sit and knit - although that's not really happened because yesterday was incredibly busy and we had a massive order in and today's been busy and I've had to sort some stuff out like insurance and window decals and ugh. real. shop. business. stuff. So, once this has been published, e-mails answered and the Bamboo Cotton that's all over the floor is sorted then I can get on with doing it. I really should be doing this: 

Which is much further on that it was due to a very late doctor's appointment the other day. It does need to be done but I have a timeline for my selfish one so I think I might get on with that. If it needs to be done by Saturday then I need to get the front done today,the back done tomorrow and the sleeves done over Friday and Saturday. HMMMMMM.

And with that, I'm off because I want this to be a competition post and the competition closes at 6pm today so you lot have to have a chance of actually doing the tagging that you need to do. I might do an actual updatey thing tomorrow if I can get over the Masham enough not to wax lyrical about it...

Need to know the rules? Click here.

Need to know what you're winning? Look here: 


Love Eleanor. xxxxx

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