Friday, 12 September 2014


**It's taken three bloody days to upload the videos at the end. Sorry for the wait!**

Of course, with the party comes NEW YARNS! HOW EXCITING! It's the time when we launch our new winter shades - though, you know me, I just keep topping up throughout the winter anyway. But if I'm going to get anything in around this time then I tend to keep it ready for the party. Anyway, enough rambling. Here we have the marvellous King Cole Bamboozle.

Now, don't get me wrong, this isn't for everyone. It's very thick and thin which means that patterns need to be simple to get the best out of it. Having said that, I finished this beaut of a jumper a couple of days before the birthday (and then forgot to block it until the day before, cue wet jumper...) and it's got a lovely little lace pattern in it which shows up nicely I think.

There are ten colours in the range but it's gonna be one of them that's out of stock at the beginning because it's going to be MAD popular! (Anybody remember the Opium? Ugh, that was a hard couple of months...). Currently the Heathers and the Neopolitan are out, that's bottom left and top second left in the photo above which is a bugger because Oksana wanted the Heathers and I'm desperate for the Neopolitan... Ahhh well. They'll be here. Patience is a virtue.

Ahhhh. The meantime, lovely David had been here to help me take photos. I am, as always, a bloody great model.

All in all I think I prefer my first one... Anyway, the pattern is King Cole 4041 and it is gorge once you get past the honking great mistake on the first row. If anybody wants to do this pattern please make sure you're relatively experienced (as in, you've done a lace project before) and you speak to me, or e-mail me, because it's dead easy once you know how but it doesn't work if you don't make that slight adjustment (Oksana, if you're reading this come back to me! I meant to tell you at the party but got overcome!).

So, the patterns are basically simple but interesting, modern shapes which is perfect for this funky yarn. They do do a weird thing though which is to tell you to knit the slubby bits on the purl row and purl them on the knit row to make them stand out. Can you see?

Maybe. Maybe not. But I don't like it. Oh onononononononononon. I think it looks like growths so I just knitted it (or purled) it all and I think that looks great and the slubby bits show up just fine. 

As always, it's your knitting so do exactly as pleases you. :)

All the patterns are here. 

The yarn was gorgeous to knit with, and I wasn't expecting that! I think the thick bit is the wool/acrylic blend bit and the thin bit is the bamboo. Sometimes the bamboo is a bit slubby  itself and then it looks and feels like silk. It has a real shine to it, a good lustre. AND! I got the front wrong but didn't realise till I'd knitted it all so I had to rip and reknit and you cannot tell. Which I thought was unusual because it's a single (meaning it's not plied a lot like the Riot) but that tends to mean a more delicate yarn - this one stood up to my farting about and I was pleased.

It comes in hanks!!!!!!! Which is very exciting and they look GORGE but you need to wind them before you start. I'm going to do a video about it in a mo and may or may not add it to this blog, depending on the time. I will wind it for you for £1 a hank though, so just let me know if you can't be bothered. ;).

Ahah! I've done the video...s about hanks.

That's part one.
And this is part two:

Oh I had fun doing those videos. If you can call three bloody days uploading the thing, then finally giving up, changing the format and loading them in 20 minutes fun. Hopefully that helps you, it's dead easy, quick and actually fun. But I recommend doing it in advance of the knitting when you have a spare five minutes so you don't get to the middle of a row and then have to stop and start again.

And that's it. I love it! Can you tell? I've been wearing the jumper for two and a half days and I couldn't wear it today because it needs a freshen up so I've left it to soak this morning and I'll be back in it on Sunday (when I'm going on a hot (one year anniversary!!!!!!!!!) date).

Right, I'm so glad to be posting this, it's literally been open on my browser for three days. Tomorrow I have more good stuff and that's also been written for three days but because of the videos I couldn't post it. And then I have another good thing to tell you about and then I still have to tell you about last Sunday. ARGH! BLOGS GALORE!

Love Eleanor.

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