Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Dirty Rascal Big Reveal.

I am THRILLED with how this one turned out. I thought it might be too 'castle-y' iykwim but I think it's just perfect! It's only castle-y if you know it's castle-y - it's a completely wearable thing! And I don't really know what to call it - is it a scarf? Is it a shawl? Is it a shawlette? I guess it's kind of an elongated shawlette but surely that makes it a funny shaped scarf? WHO KNOWS?! I just know that it's bloody great and I can't wait for this weather to be over so that I can wear it! 

I explained a little where the idea from this came from in the blurb but basically the rampart type trim has been in my mind for a while, the rest came from discussing my holiday with Jem and went from mermaids, to beach huts to castles. 

I am thrilled with the photos! It was such a lovely day and Boyf got well into photographer mode. I love the fact that I've got like a million photos from Castle Rising Castle as it was such a great, inspiring place. I LOVE the history. Isabella was such a woman wasn't she?! Although, if she were around now I wouldn't want to know her probably. I loved the fact that Castle Rising Castle, that I'd never heard of, had a strong connection to Nottingham Castle. And then the Black Prince's main castle home was the one just around the corner from where Boyf grew up. Such strange connections. 

Anyway, hopefully you can see that this is an interesting project - I spent a lot of time working out something that a lot of people could wear and that would be simple to crochet for newbies but just interesting enough for us more experienced crocheters. I'm dead pleased that part of it's called 'murder holes'. For obvious reasons. I think I'd wear this with the widest part at the back of the neck, to keep chills out at the back and to keep bulk from the front. But it could be worn the opposite way - with the widest part at the front or as a sort of shawl over the shoulders.

I chose the Moods DK mostly because I like the stone-y texture, secondly because it's a new addition to our range and lots of people haven't got around to working with it and finally because it's rustic looking so lots of people overlook it for refined projects (it's very much an everyday cardigan/man's accessory yarn at the moment, but it deserves so much more!!!). I figure the more I get people to work with it the more it'll sell and the more excited everybody will become. Give it a chance!


And a last photo for good measure: 

See! It's refined. On a side note, I had to jump to get it up there, loved the photos I got and then couldn't get it down. Chris had to climb onto the walls. We are terrible middle class culture nerds. Haha. 

So, what else did people get? 

Obviously, they got the wool and the pattern: 

AND A FLAG! You lucky beasts!

The real highlight were the stitch markers, made locally just for us by the glorious Steph of Nettynot.

I didn't really giver her any guidance I just said the theme was 'dirty rascal' and the colours were grey, green and red. She knocked up a storm didn't she?

I suggest you use these in the ramparts part of the pattern by placing them on the 9th, 8th or 7th stitch after you've worked them at the beginning of each row. Then you'll know where to work to on the next row. You'll understand when you get there.

She also whipped up this beautiful bracelet for one lucky Knit Nottingham Boxer including her signature buttons:

I'm beyond thrilled with it! I would have totes kept it myself if I could. Hopefully the recipient (and I have no idea who it is - I did it randomly by swirling my finger over the list and now I've got no idea who it was) will love it as much as we do.

Once again, that's Nettynot and we'll definitely be working with her again. Love. :)

And then the extras. I didn't lose any this time!

I went for little flags - very British, very Royal. Some Castle Rising Castle rubbers - I wanted to support them and you should have seen her eyes widen when I bought 25 of them! Haha. I think I left them with about six left. And British toffees of course. :)

Once again, I'm a tit who forgot the sneak peek of the new yarn. So that'll be in the post to you on Monday (unless you want to come in and collect - just let me know before hand). I think you'll love it - I bloody do!

(And also, hopefully that explains some of the weird gifts with the Sailing Pi boxes. Haha. Sorry!)

And that's it. I'm absolutely thrilled with both boxes. Me and Elizabeth were working out what the boxes were worth if all of the bits were bought separately and we never quite got to the end of it because we've always got too much to talk about but we were both pleasantly surprised that I could be making a profit and you could be getting exclusive little luxuries in your life sent straight to you and we could be supporting amazing artisans like Nettynot and Doodlestop and everybody works out a winner! I think I've hit on a mega idea here (mostly thanks to Vezza and Truly Hooked - but I hope I've made it my own enough to not be stepping on toes!). 

I did think I knew the theme for next time but I've just seen a photo that has inspired me like you wouldn't believe. I can visualise the crochet pattern already. I just have to work out how to translate that into knitting. Ahhhh such wonderful, creative days. :)

Love Eleanor. xxxx

P.s. Here's a link to a survey monkey thing to find out what you all thought about the boxes. I'd be thrilled if you had a box and would fill it out so I know what to do better next time. Thanks in advance. :)

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