Friday, 22 August 2014

Good Old Fashioned Granny Squares.

To cut a long story short - click here for the pattern (automatic download) and here for the Rav link.  

In my head there were no basic patterns for granny squares written in UK terms on t'internet. It made me mad. And I decided to get even. So I've written a pdf that I'm giving away free of charge to spread joy to the world! I've not included explanations of the stitches - for that you'll have to come on a lesson or google it. What it is, is the anatomy of a granny square and simply that.

There are twenty five stages. From slip knot to sewing in ends. Each stage has a photo and an explanation. 

I decided to go ahead and do this for a number of reasons. Firstly not everybody can get to the shop! IMAGINE NOT BEING ABLE TO GET HERE! Poor things. And if they can't get to the shop then they can't go to a lesson. Boo hiss. Secondly, some people can't afford the lessons that we do. Can't argue with that - hopefully if I'm nice and helpful you'll spend what money you can on my yarn? Thirdly, Some people can already crochet a bit but haven't done a granny square in the way that they need to for the Crochet Number Two lessons. Now they can! And fourthly, I've now discovered that there are perfectly good UK termed granny square patterns online buuuuuuuut they all seem to do the weird thing where you start the round in the middle of a side rather than at the corner or the even weirder thing where they finish off every round and reintroduce the yarn (sorry if that's the way that you do it - follow my instructions and you'll never have to be weird again... in regards to your granny squares anyway, I can't help you in any other way). And finally, I feel like I haven't done anything friendly and nice like a free pattern or something on here for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages. So there you have it.

Here's the link from our website (it should automatically download when you click). 

And I've popped it up on Ravelry too so do link projects as you do them, much appreciated.

On a separate note, I've officially launched the birthday party. We're having a get together on the 6th of September, normal shop hours. Everybody is invited! Bring your knitting/crochet, a bottle if you want, some snacks if you can and come and relax. I'll be doing a little work and as much chatting as possible on the day so we can have a reet good catch up. SO looking forward to this winter. :) Facebook event here.

And finally. Another little goodie for you! This is what the weather looked like today:

And what it threatens to look like for the whole of the bank holiday weekend... So to cheer us all up, and make sure you've got a fantastic project to keep you going, how's about double points on the loyalty card on whatever you buy tomorrow? YEAH!? Good! See you then then. :)

Love Eleanor. xxxxxxxx

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