Tuesday, 21 April 2015

An Update

Gosh. I had the best day yesterday. The best. I woke up early which is all Chris's fault but I knew I had a lot of nothing to do so I got up anyway. First thing was first, I had to get to the Post Office. Decisions needed to be made whether I was going into town or staying in Beeston. Always town. If it's the option, always town. Which meant that I could get some sculpey from The Bead Shop. And if I was going to town then I might aswell pop into the KITTY CAFE(!!!!!!) to see Marie so I booked a slot before I even set off. Perfect. I spent a lovely hour there before heading back home, having some soup and spending some time with Versace in the garden listening to podcasts and sculpeying and drinking lots of tea. Perfect day.

The pasta maker kind of at work. I was trying to take a photo of the scratches I got from being a human scratch post to the kittens at the Kitty Cafe. They were on fire yesterday, playing and fighting and making a noise and I was sat in the perfect place - just at the entrance to the rest room for them - so I got them all. Ahhhhh lovely. Almost lovelier on my own than with other people. Loner. Anyway. This was my setup for the afternoon. More later. 

In the evening Chris and I go to salsa. This is Sophie who takes the lesson. She's French and she's lovely. She's a ballet dancer originally so she likes to put loads of twirls in and it drives me mad but she's a good teacher - nice mix of making sure you do it right and helping you relax. I've set up a Facebook group for it here because at the minute it's me and Chris every week and a small assorted group of singles so it'd be nice to get a proper group going. It's only £5 for an hour and the beginners class starts at 7.15ish. It's at the White Lion in Beeston which is just right across from the Tesco and also where the Wool and Wine group meet on a Tuesday. Honestly, it's worth popping along if you can make it because it really does make exercise enjoyable and you can be as two left footed as Chris is. Haha. COME COME COME!!!

I thought I'd share this for posterity. This is the chart that I put together for the wedding socks that I've been on about in the vlog for a couple of days (click here). I did it the right way round for starters and then just looked at the phone upside down every time I needed to knit it. For Graham's socks I swapped the T and the G around which I thought would be simple but really bloody wasn't. This morning I finished the initials on the very last sock, only took two rippings out, 9 countings, some increasing, some decreasing and lots of fag breaks to get there. But from now on it's plaaaaaaaaaain sailing. Touch wood.

Another for posterity. This is the first tram that I've seen on the Beeston line. Chris still found something to moan about...

Sculpey. An inordinate amount of sculpey. More another day. 

Ahhhhh. And here is the progress as of Saturday night (I think.... or maybe Sunday). So that's Theo's socks down to the toe and one of Graham's sock down to the toe. Now I'm on the last sock, Graham's and I'm about half way down the leg after doing this ribbing and the initials this morning. Heel at some point then the foot and then I have to decided whether I really do have enough for the toes and if I do then what patterns I'm going to do to make the differentiation easier. Then I'm going to give these a jolly good blocking. Literally the first socks that I've blocked. 

Photo from the Kitty Cafe!!! This is either Minnie or Daisy and they were both lovely little things. Whichever one it was it saw my knitting from across the cafe and came to accost me repeatedly. I have scratches all the way up my leg. I have many videos of the shennanigans but I'm so sick after this Vlog A Day April malarkey of waiting for videos to upload that I couldn't justify putting any on here. For each video I make I have to upload it to Windows Movie Maker and then, even if I don't do any editing, I have to save it in a different format which looks like an upload bar and then I have to upload it to Youtube and then I have to do some html. Didn't really think about that every day did I? Oh well, nearly over and very enjoyable. :)

And here is the beginning of something quite beautiful. That tiny little sprout in the middle of the photo is a marrow dear readers. At least I think it is. It's the first thing that came up from the seeds that we planted a couple of weeks ago and I do believe it's from the stock of seeds that I got from the mega marrow last year. Is this genetic modification? This year I will harvest only the seeds from the biggest marrow and so on and so on until I have a marrow that I can sale the seas in and you won't see me for dust (or sea spray).

And here's the setup proper. You'll have to excuse the state of the garden. We got it gorgeous last year but, like a good little housewife, I mulched the raised beds at either side of the path where I was sat here with cardboard. But when I came to take them up earlier this year the beds on the right side were all mossy and had very few worms and stuff so it wasn't healthy soil. The beds on the left side were great and I think that's because the beds on the right have concrete under them. The whole garden had concrete under it last year and we took up as much as we could but it took so long we had to just get the soil in and get going in the end because all the seedlings were ready to go in. This meant we left the concrete on the right side and just covered it in soil but it is where the mega marrows grew last year so I didn't think it'd be a problem this year but I wasn't happy with the soil health in the end. (Can you believe I'm talking about soil health?) So a couple of weeks ago I dug all the soil from that side and put it onto the other side hoping that Chris would help me smash up the concrete but now either we're weak or the concrete is significantly thicker but we can't do it so we're waiting for his dad to come down with a concrete breaker but his parents aren't fond of telling us when they're coming so they'll turn up one day with it and we have no say but until then the garden is officially a mess. Wow. That took a long time to say....  I still enjoyed sitting there with a pot of tea and my pasta maker though. :)

Gosh, that took so long to do I've got to be off but I got everything I wanted to say said so no problem really but no proofreading. Love,

Eleanor. xxxxxxxx

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