Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Love Your Local Yarn Shop Day!!!

Ahhhhhh. Here we are again! I can't believe that it's been a year since the last event. What event?!?!! LOVE YOUR LOCAL YARN SHOP DAY! The day when we come together and celebrate bricks and mortar yarn shops for the good that they do for the community and for the good that you do for us. Your support means that for yet another year I get to not have a proper job and mess around with yarn and sticks for your viewing and crafting pleasure. Amazing. I did a brill vlog about it which you can see by clicking here.

Once again there will be free stuff, cakes, biscuits, knitting, crochet, booze (hopefully, you have to bring it for licensing purposes), chat, laughs and generally yarny debauchery. (It's not that debauched - read about last years event by clicking here).

What have we got for you this year?!!?!? Well, the stuff I can tell you about is here:

Verity's Yarn!!!! We have the lucky dip that we have every year. That's up on t'internet and available to buy now:

The idea is, you buy a chance of winning them for £2. You can buy more than one chance - on the same colour or different ones or maybe two of each??? This yarn would be £15 so if you buy two options on each colour then you're so much more likely to win AND it's only a £1 more than you'd spend on a skein. Perfs.

When you knit with them you won't see the writing, you rip it out and work straight from the blank or you can rip it out, ball it up and work from that. Up to you. The message gets broken up so it'll just look like glorious hand dyed yarn but you and I will know that there's a little bit of your local yarn shop love knitting/crocheted into it.

This year there's a slightly extra thing in that the lady that won the #winning blank that we did when we won the Best Local Yarn Shop in the Midlands last year never collected it so everybody that enters in to win these four will also be entered in to win that one. Once you've won one I'll take you out of the mix so that there'll be five winners rather than four. That seems fair doesn't it?!?!

And what else. We have theeeeeeeeese:

Hand made crochet hooks by meeeeee! Some of them are freebies, give aways, I have to decide how to do that and the rest of them will be available to buy on the day and will hopefully be a regular item on the Knit Nottingham menu. There are plenty more but they all need photographing properly so gimme some time. That's hopefully happening today. Phew.

And we have Zoe Halstead coming again. She is so lovely and I'm so looking forward to seeing her again. You can read her interview from last year by clicking here. She was a real inspiration and help when I was in the process of getting my pattern PUBLISHED BY KING COLE. YEAH, YOU HEARD. MY PATTERN PUBLISHED BY KING COLE!


It was released last week but they didn't tell me so I've had to put it on order this week. I bought 40 copies so you better make it worth it haha. Obvs I'll sign the copies for you. And the yarn will be in and you can all bask in my glory. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! That'll be available from Saturday. Big old launch party.
Obviously, as like any party, we'll have the bowl of goodness so once you've decided on what you're going to buy you get to lucky dip some sort of bowl and see if you've won 10% off, double points, 100% off, a kiss from Chris. Jokes. That's not available. Everybody seems to enjoy it so why wouldn't I do it?! Just bear in mind that it's not available on the Truly Hooked stuff. It never has been but I've been a bit lax (lacks?) about doing it in the heat of the moment. Because Vezza has bills to pay and I am a reasonable human being, we don't make much profit at all on her yarn but we still have to buy it at a relatively high price. Which means that if I give it away for free or even with a good percentage off I could be paying Verity for you to get free yarn. You can bollocks. Haha. So if you're buying some of her stuff then we'll just take that off whatever you win from the lucky dip. Yeah? Makes sense? It's all about supporting your bricks and mortar folks, don't be mean. :)

AAAAAAAAAAAAND. There's going to be a small sale on the day. A few bits that have been discontinued or that we've decided to not stock any more to make way for the NEW YARN that will also be available on the day. This is something a bit different to what we've stocked before. It feels gorgeous and it's a little bit of something special mixed with some good old fashioned acrylic that makes it truly affordable. Perfect for Knit Nottingham. Just what we're all about. And the patterns are good too.

And that's as much as I can think of for now. I'm sure there's going to be more stuff. I'm sure of it but I just can't think of it. Is that enough for you?! Are you coming?!?!?! Let us know!!!! Click here.

Also, amidst all that, don't forget that you can still vote for us for the Best Yarn Shop in The Midlands and also the Best Yarn Shop Day Event by clicking here. We'd love you if you did. :)

Love Your Local Yarn Shop Day - May 2nd - 10.30 to 6.30. 

See you there! Love,

Eleanor. xxxxxx

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