Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The Fifth Birthday Party

Ooooooh wee. I bet you're looking forward to this blog. I am. I've had a lot of catching up and sorting to do today - the problem with having two days off together - so this is delicious time to relive Saturday's party and Friday's sorting without all of the stress involved. Ooof!

So, as you probably know, we're now five years old. Five bloody years old! I can't actually believe that we've made it this far and that we're still here!!!! But really, genuinely, I couldn't do it without other people. It's been amazing to me how people have stepped up and in to help at times when even the people involved in the business (including me) didn't want to! This year was the first year I was on my own for the shop party having bought out the other business partners in April and it did add a little to the stress but, never fear, Elizabeth, Toni and Harriet were here!

I went on the tv in the morning so I Toni offered to cover the shop's opening and then she stayed around for the rest of the day and whilst the shop was open we moved a box at a time trying to keep everything as ordered as possible. If you came to the shop on Friday you'll be laughing out loud at that.... it didn't work very well. Especially when we got the King Cole order half way through the day...
We kept those boxes outside, slowly bringing bits in as we needed them and eventually they were empty.

When we emptied the shelf thing that's on your right as you walk in the shop, I knew I had to do something to reattach it to the wall... After that horrid bloke from the council came and smashed the shop up (that's a slight exaggeration, see here) I noticed that shelf had started leaning, it seemed secure so I wasn't too worried but I knew it wasn't right. So once the shelf was almost empty, I started having a look, pushing it gently backwards but I couldn't... So me and Toni looked behind and it turned out there was a load of bloody wool there! Haha! Most of it was the Authentic, which is what the bloke from the council smashed off the shelf, but some of it was some cotton yarn that we haven't stocked for three or so years. That's how often I tidy.... Here it is all on the shelf:

Haha. Some of those bits were just hanging around. Anyway, it's sorted and I've now nailed the shelf well and truly to the wall in case any other council employees pay us a visit... 

So, we were genuinely too busy after this to take many photos at all. Harriet comes every Friday so we roped her in when she turned up and then when she left Elizabeth came after she'd been to work bringing chocolate fingers as always and this time prawn cocktail pringles (which are as divine as you imagine...). She helped out with the last bit of sorting, some tidying, chopping up the bits for the lucky dip and this bit that she liked best, sorting out Truly Hooked's yarn. I love this photo of her. Haha.

So, because those three helped me out so wonderfully and we started so early we actually left the shop at about half nine which has to be a record! I was just so excited that I was making something other than a onesie. Because Thursday and Friday had been so busy, the only crochet I'd managed to do was whilst I was on telly so I was so pleased I took a photo...

Another way that Toni helped me out was, back on Monday, she made me make some stitch markers. We'd done a little research on fifth anniversaries and found that the special gift for anniversaries is fruit (and flowers) so the choice was obvious. But making that many little things is a bit of a nightmare so we made a household job of it, Toni on the pasta maker, Chris with his hands and me making the shapes. It wasn't until I got home on Friday that I had time to put the findings on though so that was me up to 1 o'clock. Very pleased with the outcome though and I kept some back from the party so there will be some for you to order today or pick up in the shop over the next couple of days.


So on the day I woke up nice and early. Had a good breakfast and got into the shop a few minutes early. Lovely. It was a sunny day, I changed into my onesie straight away and then.... nothing. Ha. Which got me worried. It doesn't matter how early I am, usually on a party I am inundated the minute I open but not this year! I had a good half an hour on my own crocheting outside before anybody turned up and to be fair the first person was Toni! She changed into her onesie and we sat and had a little crochet and an ice lolly. Lovely.

Then it began.

Zoe Halstead turned up! BOOM! And Chris, Harriet, Kayleigh, Caroline, Helen and Gabi.  LOOK AT ALL THE NAMES I REMEMBERED! This was just a snapshot. The day was ridiculously busy from top to bottom. Lovely. Chris made himself useful in the corner (mainly as a drinks catcher for Carla.... Nice boozy smell in my corner... ;) ).

Davina showed off her FIT T-shirt:


That's the Patons 3990 but knitted in the green,  plum and black in the Bamboo Cotton DK (although the plum's been discontinued so if you want to look as good as Davina then you need to do it quick....). How gorgeous does she and it look?!

Steph got drunk. Very very drunk. And appeared in 90% of my photos. haha.

And the shop just got busier and busier:

 Knitwear was shown off:  

Belfies were taken...

And most importantly, the onesie was photgraphed properly.

As always, we were overwhelmed with food and gifts. Whoever bought the toffee is my particular favourite this year. But also gin and rum. Delicious. Gill made me this little project bag which I promptly filled with wool and have carried around with me ever since. I haven't touched the wool but I will. I might. Maybe... I think I'll just appreciate the bag for a while more... Haha.

Sue Richardson also bought me the best mug ever! I took it home with me, woke up on Sunday and went to make a cup of coffee and..... it was gone. Yes, Chris has claimed it. It has cats on it, of course he's bloody claimed it. Haha.

Thank you to everybody! You don't know how appreciated you are, even when I'm moaning, and I moan a lot! It's not the gifts (alright, it's a little bit the gifts... especially the amount of wine I've had this year...), it's you, spending your hard earned cash in this tiny and disorganised and ridiculous shop to that I can carry on having the time of my life and sharing a little bit of joy (hopefully.... but not when I'm moaning). Mostly, thanks for listening to me moaning.

And to sum the day up, when we got home, after we'd had our Chinese, we all headed upstairs ready to brush our teeth and collapse into bed, when Versace decided to do something that we all wish we could have done and hid in a very small, very dark, very quiet place - the chimney...


Eleanor. xxxxxx

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