Thursday, 3 September 2015

Verity's Sock Blanks

We have released a new thing! Last night at about 9 o'clock I was furiously htmling whilst watching GBBO on catchup. It was quick thank god because yesterday was a day. But I didn't get around to writing this blog which is a good thing because I have to answer questions from a few people! Good!

So, first thing's first, what are we selling? Well, this!
It's the chance to win one of these beauties!

They are hand dyed sock blanks made by Verity from Truly Hooked just down the road from the shop. Which leads me to the first question:

What are sock blanks?

So, Verity buys these strips of knitting and they're in a creamy/undyed state and then she dyes them! It means that you can get colourways that go from one colour to another rather than self striping or multi-coloured/bitty and bobby. They're called sock blanks because it's technically sock yarn (i.e. high wool content, some nylon and a tight twist) but really it's just 4ply so you can just make anything you'd like with them! 100g of this beaut makes a gorgeous shawl. But you could also make socks - funnily enough. ;)

How will it work up?

Something like this:  

Depends on whether you're knitting or crocheting and what pattern you choose but see how it goes from one colour to the next and the next and never back to the first? Beauts. These ones have been specially dyed for us with a little message though as we do every party day because I know so many of you love them. Usually the birthday sock blanks have a lovely message written on them but they're mostly left blank - these are a bit different with the rainbow background but me and Verity just knew how much everybody loves rainbows. These messages won't show up in the final garment or item, they'll look like random little flecks but you'll know that they've got a very special message inside them - how cool is that?!

How can I buy them?

Well, you can't, as such. The really exciting thing about these is that they're not really for sale because we want to give you the chance to own something so beautiful for yourself for barely any money at all - which fits right in with what we're doing as a shop - beautiful yarns for a ridiculous price. This means that these blanks, which are usually £15, could be yours for two bloody pounds! £2! But to make it fair it's done on a raffle basis. So you pop over here, or into the shop or over the phone and, choose your favourite blank or blanks and put your name down with your £2! The more you buy the more chance you have of winning. So if you can spare £12 you can put your name down six times for one blank or once for each blank or maybe three times for two different blanks but people have won before by just buying one option. As always, you have to be in it to win it.

Winners will be drawn on Wednesday the 9th of September. Usually we do that at the party but lately at the parties I've been too busy, knackered, and let's be honest, drunk to do that in a reasonable way and if doesn't feel as fun as it should do. Also, for lots of reasons the blanks have gone on a little late this time so I wanted to give more of you the chance to enter. Fair all round!

So get to it! Your chance to own some ridiculously special yarn for just two blahdy pahnd!

Verity's Sock Blanks - buy them by clicking here!

And that's it. I've got to get home because this will be my last moment or relaxation before a seriously busy day moving the shop around/arranging my new yarn tomorrow (we'll be here till at least 9/10....) and then up early in the morning for the PARTY! Who's coming?!!?!?

Love Eleanor.

P.s. I'm going on t'elleh tomorrow. Half seven, NottsTV. Be there or be square.

P.p.s I don't know how I fit it all in either. Suffice to say, my house is a shithole.

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