Friday, 26 November 2010

Introducing our Glorious leader

Hello All.

 I thought I better introduce myself, since I am going to be talking to you lots via the blog and when you come into the shop (really, it's because no one can shut me up).

My name is Eleanor and I am a yarn addict. Now its out in the open, we can discuss the twelve steps to recovery:

1. Don't open a yarn shop (woops).
2. Don't spend every second of your life knitting, thinking about knitting, talking about knitting... dreaming about knitting... drooling over yarn... (oh dear!)

Well that's blown it - time for me to get back to the support meetings. But before I go, here is the very essence of my being:
  • I am a lawyer
  • I am 22 years old
  • I like a good moan, bitch and a whine. (and wine)
  • I owe my knitting prowess to Wilko's 99p finest yarn, which I picked up six years ago and have never put down apart from to pet the Riot.
  • I have very deep feelings about the colour green.

(Yeah, maybe that is me knitting in a club... don't ask me about the time I fell over drunk in front of Debbie Abrahams....).

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