Tuesday, 30 November 2010

My turn to introduce myself now that you have met Eleanor and Liese. I am the other co-owner, the one that spins, otherwise know as Sue or Guzzisue depending on whether you have met me face to face or through my blog and various Internet forums.

My background is in textiles and embroidery having studied creative embroidery City and Guilds parts one and two ( now renamed Diploma) and making bobbin lace off and on over the last 20 years . As I still work full time elsewhere, you will mainly see me out and about at the weekends  with the shop stall or as part of spinnotts who are a group of spinners dedicated to spinning in public, drinking tea and eating cake!! ( and supplying hand spun yarn for the shop)

Like Liese, I am brushing up my knitting and crochet skills but must own up to being very interested in the spinning,felting, playing with fibres side of things so I'm generally the one covered in fluff by the end of the day!

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