Tuesday, 4 January 2011

New Year Challenge

Happy New Year

While I don't really bother with new year resolutions (stopped making them when I realised that never kept them more than a month!), this year I have set myself a new year knitting challenge instead.

The challenge will last all year and the aim is to knit 12 large squares, each in a different stitch, which I will then sew into a blanket. So this time next year not only will I have a lovely new blanket but will have learn't 12 new stitches...bonus. The inspiration behind my challenge comes from a great little knit book I bought, the Harmony guide to "Knitting Stitches".

Each month I will update you on how the blanket challenge is going and put up some photos, heading off now to start the first square, which will be done in a dotted chevron stitch, this is a new stitch to me and I have included an example below, Hasten to add that this is not my work, only put it on to demonstrate what the dotted chevron stitch should look like, lets hope mine look as good!

see you back here in a month.
Wish me luck

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