Monday, 17 January 2011

What are spinnotts????

You may have heard the word 'spinnotts' in association with 'spinning' and 'drop spindle ' whilst in the shop or reading the blog so I thought we had better explain what 'spinnotts are!

They are not a spinning accessory or tool, nor are they fleece or fibre. They are in fact a group of spinners ranging from complete newbies to the very experienced who like to meet up and spin in public, drink tea, eat cake and chat on the Internet.

The group was formed after an outdoors spinning demonstration at East Bridgeford show by members of the local Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers with the intention of using the Ravelry based group to reach spinners who did not belong to the guild but lived in the area around Nottingham.
You will often see at least two of the group out and about in pubs and cafes in and around Nottingham causing chaos as only they can.
We now have 28 members and arrange a number of challenges to keep everyone on their toes from spin a hat to the current spin and knit/crochet a small shawl. So if you are just starting out or fancy joining us for a spin in, you can find us on, just look for spinnotts under the groups listing.

If you are wondering where we spin, here is last years locations list....

Wollaton Park, Nottingham Castle, Nottingham Contemporary CafĂ©, Lee Rosies, Broadway, Costa, New Art Exchange, Up cafe, various music festivals including Riverside Festival, City Pulse, One World, Mela and Pagan Pride to name just a few. 

Of course you will sometimes find us at the shop, spinning and waving at the passers by!!

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