Monday, 31 January 2011

Pushing the boundaries...

We like to think that we're pushing boundaries here at Knit Nottingham. The latest frontier to crack is our January sale.....which will take place in February (sort of, the first day is tomorrow which is Monday the 31st of January...).

You might say we're crazy but really we're just keeping you on your feet. Or maybe its because we couldn't decide which lovely wools were for the chop. The jury is in and the verdict is:    

Super Chunky - We can't imagine a summer camisole in this weight so it's taking a holiday but it will be back!

Mirage -  We are really sad to say goodbye to this yarn but the torch has been passed onto Riot and who are we to stand in the way of progress?

Twist Aran - Although we all adore this yarn, it seems the colours are now too winter-y and we are now getting ready for summer and stocking brighter colours. So in the interests of a spring clean it has to go.

(Can you tell Eleanor took the photos...?!?)

Keep it on the lowdown but there might just be some handspun and the rest we are keeping as a surprise.

Love from
Knit Nottingham.

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