Friday, 18 February 2011

Heart Art Update part one

Hi All

Well after much organising and last minute stressing about whether anyone would be able to make it....Heart Art turned out to be a great success. Thank you to everyone who knitted sqaures in advance, they were put to good use. Below is how the Heart looked at the start of the day.

Davenports shop of Originality were so generous and supportive, helping us with setting up the day before and then providing hot drinks on the day, thanks to Sarah, Mig and especially Alicia for her artistic efforts and tea making.

Throughout the day there was a steady trickle of local knitters, which gave us a chance to catch up with some familiar faces but also meet some new fellow knitters and crafters.  Earlier in the afternoon we were visited by Nottingham Evening Post, not sure which day they might do a piece on the event, so keep an eye out.

Towards the end of the afternoon things got pretty lively downstairs and at one point it seemed like we might run out of seating space. Even Sarah and Alicia picked up some needles despite having never knitted before. Sarah, below left, attempts meditating and knitting at the same time or she might just be having a power nap.


Alicia, camera shy but knitting proud

We can't wait to see all the squares sewn into the Heart, it was a lot of fun seeing the different stitches and yarns people were using to create their squares. My particular favourite was the funky fur square (don't worry about the noise....thats just Eleanor groaning in despair, she had a bad experience with funky fur and has never recovered).

Upstairs was equally rowdy, Kate came up with an inspired idea, offer passerbys the chance to buy one of the squares knitted before the event, which then got pinned onto the Heart.

While over in the window Sue and Pete (our favourite spinning duo) kept local shoppers entertained with their spinning and knitting activities, though judging by the sounds of laughter and chatting drifting downstairs not sure how much spinning actually got done!

Anyway thanks to all those who came along and made it such a happy successful event, so far we have raised £15. Don't forget that knitted sqaures and donations can be dropped off at the shop until the end of February. Enjoy the photos and once all the squares have been sewn into the Heart, I will do an update on here and let you know where it will be on display. Look out for part two of this update next week for photos of all the lovely squares.

Knit Nottingham x

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  1. yes folks, thats the invisable Pete and myself :-)
    Had a great time but will agree that not a lot of spinning happened!