Monday, 14 February 2011

New Year challenge update

Well back at the beginning of January, in a post new year haze of wooly love...I set myself the following challenge, to knit a square a month in a stitch I had not done before. A square a month seemed manageable and at the end of the year I would have 12 wonderful squares to knit into a cosy blanket.

Then I went back to work, so before I knew it February was upon me and I had not finished the first square let alone started the next. It's so annoying when work and life get in the way of knitting projects! But I shall persevere and see what I have done by the end of the year.

For my first sqaure I choose a "dotted chevron" stitch, which I found fairly straightforward, think I was over ambitious with the number of stitches I cast on though. Below is a photograph of January's (not quite) a square.

So to try and keep with the schedule and as its already the middle of February (where did the weeks go?), I have put January's square to one side and will make a start on February's later today. This month's stitch is one called "Repeating Diamonds". I will sign off for now and go make a start before its March. See you at the next update. Liese


  1. :-) It's a pesky thing, Life! Looking good so far, good luck with catching up!

  2. Thanks Sue, that yarn is such a lovely colour, hope to get back to that square soon!