Sunday, 20 February 2011

Want to learn to spin?

Want to learn to spin, play with fluff, watch the spinning wheel so round and round, make your own yarn using just a piece of wood??????

Knit Nottingham are holding a beginners spinning workshop,Spinning With Drop Spindles, yes this is for total beginners, even those a teeny bit scared of the whole spinning thing.

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We will look at different fibres ( don't worry, you won't have to shear the sheep) how to use a drop spindle ( yes, you get to take a basic spindle home with you)

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how to use hand carders, how to use a drum carder if we can persuade Pete to bring his along and you will get to have a go on a spinning wheel.

As ever, we will provide the all important bits for any spinning session, tea, coffee and biscuits !

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This workshop is intended to be fun and don't worry about putting the 'drop' into 'dropspindle', we've all done it and most of us still do from time to time although I did have a small accident involving spindle, fluff and beer in a pub recently but I won't go any further into that.......

The date is  Sunday 20 March and if you want to know any further details just contact us at the shop or by email or phone


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