Saturday, 16 June 2012

Competition Time!

Right, my King Cole rep finally visited t'other day and updated me about what was coming for the late summer and what was going. :( Some really sad things. I've also decided to discontinue our relationship with Woolcraft so I'm getting rid of the yarns that come from them. It'd be silly of me to tell you what's going in the sale right now but I will tell you that it's at least seven yarns (and each one I'll be sad to see go...).

We've also been shortlisted for the Best Yarn Shop by Let's Knit magazine and we need you to vote for us so that we win this bloody thing! Imagine, a tiny little disorganised shop like ours winning the best yarn shop! We would bloody love it!

And finally we've got 441 'likers' on facebook  as it stands and we'd quite like 500 (or more!). Just a showy-offy thing.

So, we're going to run a competition to get more likes and to promote the sale and people voting for us to be the best yarn shop (if I ever get the link that you need to vote). Every day next week, starting on Monday the  18th and ending at 6.30pm on Monday the 25th, we're going to write at least three facebook statuses a day starting with the word 'Share:'. They'll go something like this:

'Share: Vote for us in the Let's Knit competition by clicking on this link...'.

And then, you share on your wall. Or retweet.

Then on the Monday evening, I'll assign you all a number, based on when you shared the status - so the first person to share the first status will be number 1 and the second person to share will be number 2 etc. And then I'll assign numbers to the retweeters following straight on from the facebook likers, so the first retweeter will be the final facebook liker's number plus one. And then I'll use a random number generator (like this one) to pick out the winner and four runners up.

You can enter more than once by sharing any or all of the statuses that you want but as you can only do that once per status I think it's fair the we'll only allow one retweet per entry (though if you want to do more we'll not stop you).


The winner will receive a full set of Knit Pro Interchangeable needles worth £50 or a full set of Knit Pro Soft Touch Crochet hooks, the King Cole Crochet Book and and £20 (you make the choice - we just didn't want to leave the crocheters out!).

The next two runners up will receive a £20 voucher.

The next two runners up will receive a £10 voucher.

So, to sum up:

  • We write statuses. 
  • You share statuses or retweet them. 
  • You get a number. 
  • We randomly select numbers to win. 
  • You get free stuff - we get promoted - everybody wins!!!

Got it?

Dead exciting! I'm going to write a blog about what's going in the sale now and I'll make sure to post it first thing on Monday morning. Sad.

Love Eleanor. :)