Monday, 18 June 2012

Sale Time

I'll get straight into it shall I?

Heritage DK - Was £3.50 now £2.50.

I think this might be the saddest thing to see go. It's been here since nearly the beginning and it was a bit of an accident. A yarn rep just turned up out of the blue and I liked him so I bought five bags in brown, purple, lime green, teal and black. They sold like a dream so I started building my colours up until I had a full range and it's been one of our best sellers, but alas, because of atrocious customer service it has to go. I've found an alternative that I like just as much and I know you lot will too but we've got to make space.

Sweet Briar Chunky - Was £2.50 now £1.50.

A bit of an odd one this, it's pretty much the same as the Cygnet Grousemoore Aran in composition, price and wear/washability but I just loved the colours and it sold well so I kept it. Alas, it leaves for the same reason as the Heritage DK.

Jarol Pure British Wool Aran - Was £6.00 now £4.00.

Again, super sad to see this one go, especially since I haven't knitted the thing I was going to knit in it! But it's the curse of that company again...

Fortissima 4ply - Was £8.00 now £5.50.

You know how much I like this one but I feel it's not the end for our relationship with Schoeller und Stahl. I had a visit from a very nice rep last Monday and we talked through some options. Options that need space and money - hence the sale. I know I'll be grabbing a few balls of the green - literally no doubt about it...

Alafoss Lopi Chunky - Was £5.00 now £3.50.

Another really sad one because it's unlike a lot of what we have in the shop but I have been introduced to a yarn that I think will substitute nicely as a felter and also has the options of a DK-ish and an Aran-ish weight and a bloody super pattern for some slippers which is making our winter look truly scrumtptious!

There'll be some patterns on sale with this because there's no point keeping them but they never made it onto the internet so it'll be a shop only thing unless you trust me to describe them accurately over the phone...

King Cole Moods Duet DK - Was £3.00 now £2.00.

A stunning yarn, really seriously stunning. I love love love it! But they've discontinued a couple of colours that make the range what it is and apparently there's no real prospect of any new ones but I'm not entirely discounting getting it back in if they decide to concentrate on it again (my tip to King Cole: nice patterns...). But to be fair on them it's been in the range for nearly five years so maybe it is time to replace it with something exciting. I'll be grabbing a few cheeky balls of the teal.

King Cole Haze DK - Was £2.50 now £1.50.

This is being discontinued at their end and I'm a bit made because it has a bloody fantastic yardage! I don't think they really thought it through offering 100g balls. Because 488m is about two thirds more than you get in most DK's so most people take two, three or four balls for a jumper rather than five, six or seven. At that rate of course they're going to sell less quantity. If it was perhaps offered in 50g balls they'd have done better (I've also never been that keen on most of the colours. The black, red, purple, grey and denim blue smashed it but the peach? Really?).

And finally:

King Cole Fashion Aran - Was £3.75 now £2.50.

I was quite honest that we only got this for the Jubilee and the Olympics. I know the Olympics hasn't been yet but we'll be doing our next sale in January time so it seemed like an appropriate time. It's sold well, but only a few balls at a time so I'm left with a fair bit - I know we've been going on about the tiny little jubilee patterns but this would actually be fab for jumpers, cardis and aran-y type things so don't be scared.

On top of that - when I can get my head around it today I'll also be updating the patterns because  a few of those will be going in the sale. Mainly ones to do with the Haze DK and the Alafoss Lopi but also some that have been hanging around so that we can clear some space and breathe again!

I think you'll agree that this is quite an exciting sale, no? Lots of stuff in here and varied. Dead good.

See you soon!!!

Love Eleanor.

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