Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Knit in Public

Was brilliant! Didn't we have a lot of fun! I was a bit late because of the kitten in the previous post. I couldn't just leave a fluffy thing on it's own now could I?!

So I headed down about quarter past four and found a tiny little group of people and thought our disorganised organisation had meant nobody would turn up. I thought 'oh well' and headed in for a booze and what did I see but three bloody customers hanging around who hadn't realised they were all there for the same thing! So I rallied the troops and we headed outside in the beautiful weather.

For about an hour the Salvation Army were keeping us company with their lovely brass band. The order of the day was apparently socks - I think I counted four sock WIPs! I was sewing in the ends on a hideous intarsia thing and June (not our June) was sewing in just about the same amount of ends on a baby jumper. Other than that we had a lady teaching herself English style knitting with a lovely chunky waistcoaty-tunic thingy. Ooh, and a shrug. I nearly forgot about that!

I'm sure there were more projects that I can't remember. It's exciting to spend time with other knitters because I become kind of insular in the shop. All I want to knit with is stuff from the shop - mostly because I get to choose it, then quite a lot because it's gorgeous and a good price and lastly because it's a good way to show off the yarns. I sort of forget that there is a whole 'nother yarn world out there. Not that you should go there at all, you see, naturally... ;)

Anyway - here are my photos:

There's the Sally Army in the background. 

We were at the table in the middle and the table at the back to the right. About 15 of us!

A picture of the weather - looks darker than it was...

More lovely weather. We do live in a beautiful city!

My lovely Irish coffee.

My intarsia...

I loved it. Like I always do. Booze, knitting/crochet and good company is all you need right? Anyway, next year we'll make sure to get organised earlier and let you know what we're up to. Any ideas? Anywhere you really want to go but don't dare?

In other news - the Queen came past today!!!!!!! And William and Kate. We were so excited we bought chocolate and coke and stood outside for about an hour. Everybody was so excited - all the people from across the road were stood out and the dance shop and the cafe next door. It was wonderful! And I took a long video, or little shots of every time a car came near that looked like it might be a queen but when the Queen did bloody come past my video broke! I nearly died! When it was over and I was looking for the video that I thought I took I ended up with just a video of my feet and my disembodied voice mournfully wailing 'ooooooh nooooooo I don't think I even got a video'. What a tit!

Tomorrow (or maybe the next day) I'm writing my blog about steeking...

Also - we've just had two cancellations on the cable workshop at the weekend - we'd love to have you there and it's nearly midway to Christmas so it's time to start thinking about your brother/uncle/dad/husband/wife/mum/aunty/sister/neighbour/cat/dog's present. A cabled hat, like we make on the workshop would be just perfect! Come come - no excuses.

Love Eleanor. :)

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