Saturday, 12 January 2013

A Possibility.

Right. You all know I'm an avid reader of the Attic24 blog and I love coach trips. Or you should know. Have a little look at this post and come back to me. 

Back? Right, settle down for a big bloody idea....


For those who couldn't be bothered to read - there's a yarn-y type festival going on on the 28th and 29th of September in Skipton and Lucy of Attic 24 is going to be there as well as lots of little suppliers and yarn shops and designers etc etc. I want to meet LUCY! I WANT! I WANT! And I thought that maybe you lot would want to too?

I rang the lady who's contact number is on the Yarndale site and she was as lovely as I imagined those Skipton ladies would be. The price for entry to the show is £5 which is nice and cheap as far as yarn festivals go but they couldn't afford to do online processing so it'll be pay on the door. What we would have to pay for in advance would be the coach and it's a bloody nightmare getting prices for that. 

The only price I've been able to get so far is from Skills Coaches (incidentally the marvelous company who took me on holiday nearly a year ago, booked almost exactly a year ago - something about this time makes me want to get. away. Kwim?). Anyway, the price is £450 (at the most, maybe a little cheaper). This coach takes up to 40 people (I think he said) so the least we'd be paying each would be £11.25 for there and back. If 20 people booked then we'd be charging £22.50. 

Now, I've done as much research as I can (be bothered to do today...) with trains and, they won't let you book so far in advance anyway, but if the event were to happen this Saturday we'd be charged £12.00 one way and a return would be £24.00. The train includes two changeovers which I hate. But it's led me to conclude that I wouldn't want to be charging more than £25.00 per person which means we need at least 18 to make it worth anybody's while. We'd probably be looking at going on the 28th which is a Saturday. 

Are you following me?

It's also got to be much nicer travelling with a load of knitters/hookers with some choccers, fizzy pop and maybe a film on (I'm thinking Sightseers because I might have some bloody knitting in it! I'll tell you about that another day). Just close your eyes and imagine. 

Anyway, I don't think we'll make any money out of this, but I certainly don't want to lose any, so before we do anything serious, I need a good head count of who might be genuinely interested in going. The more of you go, the cheaper it will be and the happier I'll be but if we're getting less than 18 people interested then it's a definite no. Let us know here, on facebook, twitter  or e-mail us on knit AT knitnottingham DOT co DOT uk. You can talk at me in the face or in my lughole ((0115) 9474239) too if you want but don't expect me to remember if it's not written down....

I hereby declare that day booked off though because I'm going come hell or high water. Apart from really really really wanting to meet Lucy I don't really know why this has taken a hold of my heartstrings but it has. 

Anyway, let me know lovely readers. See you soon,

Love Eleanor. :)


  1. Hi -
    i was looking at that same Attic24 post just yesterday and thinking how nice it would be to go to Yarndale. the Saturday would be preferable for me, so am therefore totally up for it!


  2. I'd so be in for going and i know my M I L and a friend love the idea. So count us in.

    Gemma xXx

  3. Brill!!!!!!!!! I think we're on!!!! :)