Monday, 7 January 2013

New Year

Ooof. I made a joke with a customer before Christmas that the New Year doesn't really start until the 2nd (possibly the 3rd) because of the horrendous hangover. This year it really hasn't started at all yet due to a terrible hangover and then the. worst. cold. ever. I've never felt so bad over a sustained period of time. Horrific. I managed to walk to the Coop today, bought some chicken soup, forgot some custard and now I'm wiped out. Wow. But the walk gave me some thinking time and having just read Sue's post I was reminded that I wrote some resolutions last year - let's have a look see if I've managed them.

1). Get a printer for the shop. Alright, that's a bit of a cheat I bought one today and it's a beaut!

Haha. I love a good cheat. Done!

2). Tidy more consistently.

Hmmmm. I think we were doing quite well until I went a bit mental in November. I've got some good ideas though - all written out in a plan. 
3). Restock the shelves every day.
No.... Terrible. I'm less anal about this, which may or may not be a good thing. the feedback has been that we don't necessarily need nice straight lines but I'd like to make sure that all colours are out at all times. I have plans again. 

4). Keep up to date with my figures.
No. Oh god. Where did I go wrong!?!?

5). Make many many more shop samples.

YES! YES YES YES! I've done bloody tonnes! Off the top of my head I've done three full size adult garments and a load of little bits and bobs this year. A good few hats. There's not much in the shop that one of us hasn't worked with which is marvelous. 

6). Write some patterns.

YES! YES YES YES YES YES! This year I have written:

The Great British Granny Shrug

Some Cute Little Sheepy Things

The Moss Cowl

A Quick Scarf

Another Bloody Cowl

Somehow I thought I'd done more than that - I've had ideas a plenty but not much time to put them into practice. It seems.

I also promise more regular blogging.

I can say a big yes to this one - we've done 30 more posts this year than last, maybe that's to do with the March thing. I'm happy with that. 

I'm seriously knacked so I'll post this. Have a nap. And then I've decided to write a plan for next year. Then ask the universe to help me. 

Thanks for this year guys - it's been immense!

Love Eleanor. 

P.s. If this is as good as my end of year/beginning of a new year pots gets then I really ought to mention that we are still absolutely thrilled and delighted that you lot voted us the third best yarn shop. That's been my highlight! Thank you!!!!!

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