Sunday, 6 January 2013

New Year resolutions

No, not the usual lose weight, get fit blah blah blah but the more woolly type. Have you made any this year? I wonder how many people start with...

1 finish all WIP............ although you have no idea where they all are
2 Knit up all stash.......yes even the really weird stuff that you bought ten years ago and have never found a use for it/managed to knit it
3 etc, etc,etc 

Looking at my blog, I posted this as general resolutions

 I really want to revisit Bobbin Lace although I think I may have to go back to basics with it, maybe pick a book off the shelf and work back through the first few lessons.

Already made a start on this one, maybe some of you may like to try this some day?


The inkle looms need some use, so I plan to work through the inkle weavers handbook some more then try designing my own bands.

Again I've started playing using some dark blue and some white acrylic yarn, also playing with a few design ideas and will keep you posted. 


The strange thing is that I have an urge to learn to play a musical instrument, in the previous post you may have read that we have swapped an electric guitar for something else, well the something else will probably not arrive until Easter time so I'll let you guess what it may be :-)

This may sound a strange one for a fibrenut like me but goes back to when I was maybe 8 or 9 years old and was offered the chance to learn to play Guitar, banjo or ukulele. I chose guitar but have always sort of regretted not choosing one of the others so we traded the electric guitar for a banjo!!

  I have thought about trying to keep a record of how much I spin and how much fibre I buy !! have now realised just how scary that may be  :-)

Especially since by the 4 January I had already bought a new drop spindle and 1kilo plus of fibre!! photos of spindle to follow soon.
Anyway, first up on my round up of things woolly since last time is this. Yes, I finished the fingerless mitts for my friend just before the really cold weather set in before Christmas.
I  bought about 120gm of sari waste from a friend at guild ( unwanted and unloved)
So I now have some sari yarn to play with on my small loom at some point.
The last of the Jacob singles..........this means I have spun my first whole fleece ! whoo whoo!! I've also managed a skein of Shetland and skein of what may be the last of the polworth, not sure until I do a stock take of my stash.
On the needles.....not a lot( But I have decided that I really want to knit the EZ 100th Anniversary Camping Half-Circle shawl and have some organic merino stashed away ready to spin for this.)   on the wheel at the moment it is back to the oxford fleece and I'm on bobbin 3 since Christmas due to having treated myself to some wool combs two weeks ago and being desperate to play with them.
I suspect that this yarn will be sent out to Italy once it is finished although I find the idea of knitting and wearing mittens in Venice a little strange.

On the home front, hubby has succumbed to the nasty cough/cold/flu bug and I'm hoping that I don't catch it again, So far I've managed to catch it twice or maybe it never really went away. After having time off work for that I went and fell over managing to pull a muscle/trap a nerve near my hip so was promptly forced int taking it easy again!
 I hope you all had a great Christmas and have a wonderful New Year xx


  1. My tips for not catching a cold from your partner is to not share a towel in the bathroom - make sure you have your own in a different colour. Don't let them make you anything to eat - all the cooking is down to you til they're better. Sleep facing away from them (not very romantic but it's not for long!) Whenever you hear them sneeze or cough, imagine a pipecleaner going up and down your nose clearing out any nasties (if you feel a tingle whilst you're visualising this, it's definitely working). I tried these measures last time my husband caught a cold and it was the first time in 30 years I managed to avoid one of his!

    Love all the resolutions and looking forward to seeing what you make out of that sari waste (what great colours!)

  2. Thanks for dropping by......

    My tip for not catching a cold....banish hubby to a different room, just through in some food from time to time with a hot drink :-) The plus side is that I've managed to get more spinning done than usual x