Monday, 9 September 2013

Party People.

Wow! What a party. I've just got back from the shop because we were too tipsy (read: drunk) to cash up properly on Saturday. Good party!!

So, it always starts for me the day before. We have a good tidy and a sort out, get the new yarns on the shelf and clear the chairs away. It's always a late night but June made me start at two so it wasn't as late as it could be. Still bloody knackered though!

The mess. 

The plan.

The (almost) finished thing.

June getting some bloody work done. 

On the day of the party I was miraculously there with ten minutes to spare and because we'd decided not to do balloons so there were no hissy fits this time. Dee came with beyooooootiful cakes, Rachel came from Sheffield and Kayleigh invested in some of the Flash DK. They were happy there: 

Then I spent some time taking photos because I promised I would: 

This is the advent calender I've been making all the way through August. It's from the King Cole Christmas Knits book which is in the shop now and will be on the internet at some point this week. It proved quite a hit at the party!

The King Cole Flash again. I do believe I'm in love. 

And... more Flash DK apparently... but also the gorgeous Regia Mix It which was the undoubted bestseller at the party, which I suspect is because of June's beautiful display. Seriously, I bet we sold as many balls at the party as we have done since we had it in, say, a month ago. I think it's the winter feeling! Ooohohohohoh there's a crispness in the air. :)

And finally, for the sensible photos, this is the donkey tat. My nephew bought it for me at the seaside on his holiday. Looook: 

It's been in the shop for a few weeks but it came into it's own on Saturday as lucky dip cup. And speaking of lucky dips - look who won all of her money off!!!

Only the lovely Annette! We were dead pleased that it was a regular that won and there was much squealing. It was a lot of yarn and a ticket for the Amy Singer Evening and I know that she's dead pleased. 

Then the day got silly. 

Amy Blackwell and Jem Weston turned up. Famous people! Me and Steph were too drunk to behave like normal humans. 

But it was fine when it was just us two. :)

I calmed down enough to have my photo taken with Jem but we still weren't able to get anything normal...

Lovely Jem. :)

The sunset was delicious. And me and June decided to get a photo together but...

I tried to give her a hug and did her back in, she got me back and then we made friends. Still no brill photos. I tried!

At the end of the night I got this photo of the stragglers: 

Lovely Elizabeth and Davina appreciating the wine. 


On Sunday I went to Bakewell which I might blog about and then this morning I sorted out the till and bought some new shoes from Daphne's. New shoes? Oooh. 


And that's the story of the Knit Nottingham Party. Thanks for coming, thanks for bringing chocolate/cake/toffee (oh so much chocolate/cake/toffee!!!), wine, yourselves and thanks for making us sell out of three colours of the Ultimate Super Chunky and for appreciated the display and for the laughs. It was bloody fantastic! :)

Love Eleanor. 

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