Saturday, 7 September 2013

Sneaky Peek at What's Going On Sale Tomorrow. :)

OHOHOHOHOHOHOOH! Here's a treat for you! I'm writing this at 13.41 on the 6th of September and at 14.00 precisely I am moving the shop around for the party and to get these beauts on the shelf. I also have to have some lunch in this time so it will be short but sweet but I PROMISE, hand on heart, that I will take a tonne of photos at the birthday party and then I'll do a big long blog for you. And then I'll blog more regularly. And then I'll get my figures done. And then I'll tidy and decorate the cellar. And then I'll give up smoking. And then I'll get to heaven. Ugh. There's not been enough time to get the patterns on the internet either so I'm going to put a photo of my favourite pattern from each range and give you a promise to get them on t'internet this coming week. :)

First and foremost, the King Cole Ultimate Super Chunky. I've said on the shop page that it's a bit like a cross between the King Cole Gypsy and the King Cole Supa Dupa Chunky. And it is, it has the colours of the Gypsy but the heft of the Supa Dupa. But you know what it reminds me of most? The Cygnet Criss Cross which I do believe was a lovely yarn but the colours just weren't up to scratch and me oh my oh me oh my oh me oh my these bloody are! Good old King Cole!!! :)

All the deets are on the shop page - click here

And my favourite of the corresponding patterns is this little beaut: 

But.... ugh... ahh... I don't like ponchos. What's happening to me!? 

The next introduction just might be my favourite thing ever in the whole world. The King Cole Flash (ahhhhhhh) DK. I don't think it's an entirely inappropriate time of year to be selling me candy colours but LOOOOOOOK at them! Ha! Doesn't that just cheer you up on a grey day in September?! :) The crochet on the left is a baby blanket I started (and finished... my poor little fingers) yesterday. Can you say obsessive?

All the deets, as before, are on the shop page.



And lastly but not leastly, the King Cole Country Tweed. It's a hell of a lot like the King Cole Riot DK but it's got little flecks which I think are viscose. Beautiful! Vezza's fallen in love already. 

And again, all the deets on the shop page. I think you'll love it. < 3

This is my favourite pattern of the lot, not because it's a fantastically amazing pattern but because it's a good bog standard and we need that sometimes don't we? I also like her chubby little cheeks. :)

Right, it's 14.07. It's Lindsey's fault. I'm going to get a sandwich and then I'm getting down to it. 

See you soon with news of the party.

Love Eleanor.

P.s. Look what turned up today! OH YES! AMY SINGER! Bring it on!!!

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