Friday, 18 October 2013

Catchup Catchup

Today I have caught up with something that I've been meaning to catch up on since before the birthday party!

I have got a load of patterns on the internet! It's taken all day! All day! Not every sentence has to end with an explanation mark!

Not every pattern is on there to be fair because in the time between us getting the patterns and me getting them on here we've sold out of some of them so I've made sure to only put the ones that we actually have in the shop on there and please be aware that the Ultimate Super Chunky and the Country Tweed are both running loooooow. We will get them both in but bear with me. The Amy Singer thing, paying off the credit card and the bus for Yarndale has left our cashflow in a bit of a state. Slowly clawing our way back to something more comfortable though (and you can help by buying... ;) ).

Anyway. Click here to get to all the new patterns. Appreciate the beauty - there are some stunners.

And have you noticed that the website has been looking a lot like this for a lot longer than it should?

Not anymore!!!!

And I've taken all the Vote For Us buttons off and Amy Singer buttons off.

I was about to do that on the blog too but then I bloody ruined the internet didn't I!? So I'm half way through writing all the good stuff I've done and I'm going to go and be superwoman again. Rest assured I've actually done some work today and tomorrow I might do even more! Imagine!

Love Eleanor. xxxxx

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