Wednesday, 2 October 2013


Amy Is Upon Us!

At this moment in time she'll be catching the train down from Yorkshire and arriving in Nottingham at around 6pm. I'm going to meet her and transport her to the lovely hotel that I've booked and then leave her to settle into her surroundings. Tomorrow the lessons begin!

I wanted to write a blog post about how to get to where the lessons are. We've booked the lovely Belgrave Rooms on Goldsmith Street, it's proper posh!

The way to get there is pretty simple. You know the Royal Centre? Previously (before the trams I think) known as the Theatre Royal which is a much nicer name, yes?

Right on Upper Parliament Street. 

Well, if you can get there, to the left of it is the tram tracks, you need to follow them out of town. You'll pass Spanky Van Dykes

And then the Rescue Rooms

Which looks a bit nicer than this in real life.... 

And then you reach the Masonic Hall which looks like this: 

Stunning yes? And now we're getting closer because the Belgrave Rooms is just around the corner from this and I'll be decorating where you need to be with lovely hand knitted bunting from Steph of Nettynot!

Basically it's right in the centre of Nottingham, a few minutes walk from the Royal Centre and if you get lost, give the shop a ring on (0115) 947 4239 and whoever's in will be able to direct you. 

Apart from that, there are a few spaces left on everything so take a look here: 

And see what takes your fancy! Tickets can be collected on the door.

I'm off to do some proper stressing now. Wish me luck. 

Love Eleanor. xxxxxxxxx

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