Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Dee and Vezza. < 3


I've got real work to do so here I am - blogging....

I want to talk about my two friends Dee and Verity. I met them both through the shop and they're both now brilliant friends in their own right. I think I do them good too but most definitely they're better to me.

When we won our award they got it into their heads to get the Post down celebrate our win. Dee was going to make a cake (have I told you how much I adore her cakes?) and make a tiara and Verity was going to get all of our friends down and this was all in secret and the Post were going to turn up with a photographer and it was going to be a big celebration and it was going to be brill! BUT. Bloody Post. They ran the story a day early. Without a photo and without a presentation of cake or tiara (which turned into a rosette because of practical concerns involving wire and nobody stocking alice bands anymore...).

Out of nowhere last week (or maybe the week before now, doesn't time fly?) Dee messaged me to ask me if she could come the next day to discuss our Big Issue Big Knit (which I will blog about soon) and I was all like 'nahhh, I'm too busy. Too stressed. Too much stuff to do. Can we talk about it on the day we're already meeting?' and then she had to ring me and explain that she wanted to present the cake and the rosette because the secret had been let out by the bloody Post. On the phone I nearly cried. What a thing to organise! And what a thing to ruin. Bloody Post.

We decided to go with it anyway and arranged that Dee and Verity would come down on the Friday and we'd just have a bit of a knit and natter and eat cake. And then I got a phone call out of the blue on Thursday from the Post telling me that I'd been nominated (by another lovely customer who's become a friend) for Businesswoman of the Year. Ha. If only they knew how much time I spend flying by the seat of my pants. They wanted to come on Friday to take photos and a bit of an interview. I spoke to Dee and we fitted everything in and it was all going to be brill.

Then Verity came down with a vomiting bug. Then the photographer came 40 minutes early - before I'd put make up on or finished tidying the shop. Then the door started doing this horrendous noise thing. Seriously, I've never heard anything like it. So Friday was one big stress.

 But let me show you the beautiful things:

My beautiful rosette.

A nice photo of me. Isn't it funny how people that like you take loads better photos than people that don't? Thanks Dee.

Two of my favourite customers and a grumpy husband (who doesn't look so grumpy here but sorry anyway Ken) in the middle. ;) He's useful though, he was the one with a knife to cut the cake...

THE cake. I've only just realised that this is a bit 'oriental' (how completely vague) looking and one thing that I really enjoy doing with Dee is playing mahjong. Can you tell that it says 'No 1 LYS'? I couldn't. Ha. But that didn't matter as soon as you tasted it. Phwoar!!! 

In the end it was a lovely day. No thanks to the bloody Post. Ha. The photographer (or journalist I suppose) chose a horrendous photo for the article. Seriously. And all of my friends have said that it doesn't look like me but I'm getting recognised all the time like an actual celebrity and it always takes me by surprise and I'm never ready for a chat with my public so they probably think I'm right snooty. Let's hope they all find the blog post and realise what a fart I am...The article is here if you want to read it, but I suggest closing your eyes for a second whilst scrolling and then you'll never have to see that photo. Bloody post.

And with that, I'm off. There's tonnes to tell you but I'm working on a top secret Christmas project: 

And I think I may have just worked up the enthusiasm to count stitches, rows and then work out an excel pattern for the biiiiiig picture that has to be on the front.
Love to all Knit Nottinghamites but especially to my two beautiful and talented and bloody marvelous friends, Dee and Vezza. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

P.s. I hope anybody from the Post reading this knows that 'bloody Post' is tongue in cheek. We mega appreciate the space you gave us but maybe next time you could try using a photo where I don't look like an alien with a tiny tiny head?


  1. You defs give me enough support and encouragement to earn cake ;) and a pox on the Post for not letting us know what they were up to :P but as you say, all's well that ended well!
    Dee/Singing Bird

  2. Love it all. Did you get my piccys?
    Love from your own personal rainbow fanatic.