Tuesday, 25 February 2014

More New Yarn!

And I totes forgot that I'd ordered it... Bad lyso...

The rep for King Cole came in the other day (in fact it was the day I was packing the massive order from King Cole away). I love him and he made me buy yarn. As per. Thing is, this stuff if a bloody bargain! King Cole are moving premises to a warehouse about five times the size (apparently, I'm sure he exaggerates). I am dead excited about this because it should mean that when a new yarn launches, like the Opium we won't have to wait months and months and months because it's out of stock - they'll have stockpiles you see.

But it makes their lives easier if there's less to move so they're putting together massive bags of mixed lots and a bargainous (sp!??!) price and I succumbed. (It crossed my mind that this was just to get rid of bad yarn but you should see some of the stuff they were putting in them!). Anyway, the two packs that I got consisted mainly of the Comfort DK but in 50g balls. A mix of colours and not all of them. So I'm concentrating on this first - I have other yarns that I've stored nicely to one side, I'll release them when we have any room at all because at the mo the Comfort is behind me, above me, in front of me, in the loo, on top of the storage on the Expedit shelves and a little bit stuffed into corners... But I think this'll go fast!

So, Comfort DK in 50g balls for £1.25!!! Just to be clear - the 100g balls are £3 so it's already a bargain... But more than this. If you buy five balls you get them for £5, that's one ball free. And if you buy a pack of 12 you get them for £11, that's another £1 off.

I genuinely couldn't believe the prices but I've worked it all out, with the vat and divided by 12 not 10 (most yarn companies do 10 packs, King Cole does 12). It works out for us and by gum does it work out for you!

And I've got it on the internet tooooo - click here. (The combo pictures were/are weirdly massive but I've sorted that out as much as I can and it doesn't seem to have filtered through to my internet - I'm hoping time and a good sleep will sort that out. Apologies...).

 I'm not feeling particularly artistic today - can you tell? *Shoves all the pictures in quick*. Haha.

 I was earlier though - I've been inspired a little by the Lucy Packs that pop up here, there and everywhere but I know that I would feel constrained by that many colours so this is the perfect opportunity for me to try it out on a small scale and see if you lot like it. Here are the options:

 It's a Crocus!
 It's a Girl!
 It's a Boy!
It's a Mermaid!

I'm dead pleased with myself - and the names! 

Of course, if you come into the shop, you can pick five of any colour you like and if you can't get into the shop you give me a ring (0115) 9474239 or an email knit at knitnottingham dot co dot uk then you too can have any combination you like - it was just too much like hard work to see how I could give you the option to do it on my webshop (I am seriously considering updating but that's a summer project).

The 12 packs are one colour on the internet but the same applies in terms of choosing your own combinations if you get in contact with us.

I must say - it's been flying off the shelves here and I'm dead pleased.

Please also note that the rest of the sale is down to £1.50 a ball (yes everything, including the Cotton DK!!!). I desperately need the shelf space not only for the other bargain yarns but for a whole 'nother new yarn that is IN THE SHOP AND WAITING FOR IT'S MOMENT! BUY BUY BUY!!!

Anyway, King Cole Comfort DK in 50g balls is here. Enjoy it whilst it lasts. :)

Love Eleanor. xxx

P.s. Whilst I had customers throughout the day and I couldn't get on with getting it on the internet, I knocked up a quick baby cardigan in my Great British Granny pattern. It's taken around half a ball of four colours and I am in luuuuuuuuuuurve.

I had totally forgotten how lovely the Comfort is to knit with. I might possibly be planning a jumper in it...

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