Friday, 7 February 2014


AHAHAHAHAHAHA! You have no idea how excited I am about going back to Yarndale. Last year it was a stress, I admit, but this year will be different - it's nicely spaced out between our events and I'll have a printed list of your names AND I'm going to put them in alphabetical order! Oh yes! 2014 is the year of organisation here at Knit Nottingham!

Read more here at Yarndale's site. And here on our blog about the day. And then look at this by the lovely Sam from Artisan Angel Creations:

Who wouldn't want to go there!?!?!

Now, we have a few things to sort out - firstly, would you prefer to go on the Saturday the 27th or Sunday the 28th?

I have genuinely no problem with either but June does! haha!! She couldn't go last year because we went on Saturday and she was needed for the shop so I did kinda say that I'd ask which one you wanted... I asked on Facebook a couple of days ago and it looks like the Saturday is the preference and that means she can't go again and she wants you all to know that she's got your names and if you set foot in the shop on Saturday (I'm off to York so she's in) then she'll be having words... I suspect the vendors will be more knowledgeable this year so I doubt there'll be as much running out of stock as there was and I suspect that people will buy more tickets in advance too so the organisers will be more able to accommodate the masses so I think it matters less if we go on the Sunday but it's actually up to you. (So far we're seven to one (June) in favour of Saturday right now with a few people who are happy with either day).

I also want to set an actual coming home time this year too. I think 4pm should do it but it's another option. Last year I purposefully left it open ended to decide on the bus as we were travelling up but a few people booked things in the evening which meant we were in a bit of a rush to get home. This time I want to make it clear from the start so that plans can be made around it. Yeah? Options are 4, 4.30 or 5pm.

Looks like the prices for the coach haven't changed much so, depending on the ticket price (which will be part of the money you pay us) I think we'll stick at £24 - it might be £25 - don't quote me.

Let's have a show of hands who wants to go and when you want to go and if you have preferences for going home times.

In case you're wondering - I've specifically asked everybody for a *working* toilet on the coach...

And that's it - contact me with your preferences please!

Love Eleanor. 


  1. Replies
    1. Any way you like but I got your facebook comment. :)

  2. Still up for saturday , but don't mind sunday I'd only be worried about what stock was left ?! Also four sounds like a good time to leave , would we be setting off at the same timr in the morning or a tad earlier to miss the traffic !?
    EKKKK so excited for going again let me know when you need the monies !
    Also thanks for the shout out on the piccie xxx

    1. No problemo. :)

      Do you think we could do any earlier?!!? I was half dead at that time in the morning! I guess half an hour might make a difference??

  3. Oh I have to work Saturday (and am only allowed 6 Saturdays for holidays a year... 4 are used up with weddings!!) so I'd only be able to go on Sunday