Monday, 24 February 2014

Wedding Prep!

Vezza is getting married! I must have mentioned it here somewhere? Ahhhhh, yes, I'm a bridesmaid and I wrote a bit about making my own dress in this post here. I've done nothing. Literally nothing for her. Ugh. Bad bridesmaid. I did go wedding dress shopping (twice I think?) and then I was there to occupy t'babbeh during the fitting and we went shopping for earrings and some AMAZING makeup (seriously, it's eye shadow, eye liner, blusher, lipstick and NAIL VARNISH depending on what you put with it and I for one am going to use it in every single capacity during the wedding - call me the Tin Man).

But this weekend I did do something finally. I helped Vezza make the bouquets. Funnily enough there's not a lot of homemade stuff in the wedding - you expect everything crocheted wouldn't you? But I think Vezza's too stylish for that and the whole thing has come together in a matter of months so there hasn't been enough time. The dress, shoes, veil etc. are all very English rose and bought from shops, hubby-to-be has sorted the suits and buttons holes, the venue itself is doing the decorating (including seasonal flowers for the middle of the tables <3 nbsp="" p="">
The hen do is a bit difficult with a three month old so it was never a question of a booze up outside of the house and then other options were things like spa days but the other bridesmaids and female guests are scattered around the country and work lots and.... blah blah blah... we never got a real thing organised. I think Verity's doing something with her mum and the other bridesmaids that involves pampering but I'm a bit anti-social, I've got no money and I work every hour that god sends so we decided that our hen do - just us two - was going to be wine and making the bouquets! Brill!!!!

AND WE EXCELLED OURSELVES! Even if I do say so myself. Look!

There was always going to be some crochet!

We started like this:

Verity has some lovely customers... not as lovely as mine obvs... but lovely nonetheless and lots of them contributed crocheted flowers in the colour scheme knowing that it would be part of the bouquet. They came from all over the world - seriously! V was talking about Italy and America and... Devon! :)

We poured some prosecco and sewed in all of the ends:

Then we started attaching the big ones to each end of a piece of wire - just poking it through and twiddling with the ends and the smaller ones each had their own wire:

The cat enjoyed this:

At around about this point, the husband to be marched in - gave us loads of food, had a political rant, told us we could have more wine, took a shower and headed back out of the door. That's why she's marrying him. :)

A beef sausage roll of some sort. Delicious.

Then we carried on.

There were a few flowers that we thought needed a bit of a showcase - some from Iris (both mine and Verity's customer so she must be extra brill!) in teeny tiny crochet cotton (and there were four and we were making four bouquets!!!), one from the lady at Fleabubs Handmade by Lala that had all sorts of colours in and some pom poms - there were only three of those though so I quickly knocked up another:

Slightly misshapen so it went in my bouquet - by this time I was getting tipsy...

So we sorted the flowers into a pile for Verity and then a pile for the rest of us and we got on with making the hers - it's the most important afterall. She chose all of her favourites and put them together and promptly took about half of them out - these things are heavy you know! It's just a shame that they were all so lovely! The ones that she didn't use in the end were popped back onto the bridesmaid pile.

She bent the wires with two flowers in half and arranged them as she wanted, filling up the spaces with the individual flowers on wire and finally placing the pom pom and Iris' flower.

Once she was happy we wrapped the stem in some green florist's tapey stuff and then a big cushiony layer of yarn, some more florist's tape and finally some white stretchy lace. This was twirly wirly fun:

And then. It was done. And Vezza let me pretend I was getting married:

Amazing, yes?!

But we weren't done... Oh no. Wine first, obvs:

Whilst baby was having her dinner we split the remaining flowers in roughly equal piles (mine's a bit bigger because I'm a bit bigger so I need more to balance. Also, I was bloody making them. Haha). And started preparing them in the same way - less photos this time because I was squiffy and I think V was too, we'd already done it once and it was getting on for dinner time... But look!

Aren't they just perfect!?!? Seriously! Love!

Dinner was Chinese which filled a little hole but I was so drunk by about 9.30 that it was deffo home time. I left Vezza dancing to Sean Paul in the living room. What a night!

And then here are some random photos that I couldn't fit into my story:

We used Alf's toy pliers! :)

Some rainbow sock yarn that may end up in your favourite yarn shop of all time.... 

The girls at Knit Club, especially Jem, will appreciate us trying to keep our bubbles in with a spoon. Not sure if it worked, we were too busy to notice - the prosecco was purely for energy not enjoyment. 

I (secretly) tried on the wedding shoes. Haha. Love wedding shoes and hand knitted socks... 

And not so secretly tried on the veil - I don't really have enough hair, or class, for one of these....

Verity's got a teeny, tiny, Fleabubs hook on the end of her bouquet and apparently it's the perfect size for doing up the teeny, tiny buttons of the back of her dress. :):):):)

Vezza's been knitting this for Alf!!!! I've got to sew it up. I've no idea where I put it in my drunken state. I will find it. I think there was Chinese grease on the camera lens...

And that's it! Good story yes!? I'll certainly be sharing some photos of the wedding here and other places but the husband-to-be is a bit more private than us two so he'd like to keep some stuff to himself. I'll follow Vezza's lead but I know so many of you are interested seeing as she's like my second in command. Haha.

Right - off to answer more e-mails - we've been atrocious this weekend (as in, I've not been here so nothing got done ;) ) so I'm sorry if you're waiting on me. I'm trying my best!

Love Eleanor. xxxxxxxx


  1. Ooo! I feel all special now and really part of it of the preparations. The bouquets are fabulous (liked 'em all on Facebook) and will certainly be a talking point.
    Iris:) xx

  2. Really should check posts before I publish 'em. The "of it" is obviously my fingers going mental - please ignore.