Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Love Your Local Yarn Shop Day < 3

Ahhhhhh. Where to start!? Where to start?! What a simply amazing weekend. It was the kind of weekend that Lucy from Attic24 would like - lots of little, simple pleasures like pottering around planting peas and visiting Rufford Country Park in the glorious sunshine on Sunday but most importantly, and I'm not sure Lucy would like this, there was drunken raucous Love Your Local Yarn Shop Day Fun on Saturday. IT WAS AMAZING!

I don't really know how to go about writing about it to be honest. It's certainly not going to be in a timeline... I think I'm going to go collect some photos, load them up and see where we go, yes? Gimme a sec.

 So... only a day later and I'm back! THERE ARE SO MANY PHOTOS I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN! I'm going to start with customer photos:

Karen brought the clap with her. 

Sarah brought her sock in the beautiful new Zig Zag Heather colourway (which is sold out in no small part because of Sarah's beautiful socks...). 

Debbie brought her fairisle in the Truly Wool Rich 4ply vest for her dad (and some flowers that have now been, not so beautifully, arranged...). 

And June brought incredible fairisle socks because she's an overachiever... Not that she was in any fit state to fairisle on the day... ;) She's used the black in the Truly Wool Rich 4ply and the Zig Zag in Emperor.

And the beautiful Sue collected her shawl in the Truly Wool Rich 4ply which is the finished thing from this blog here.

In the morning we sat outside to watch the Mayday Parade. 

And Lindsay, Beccy and the Boy (who's name I will remember one day) did some knitting and crocheting in the sun. We couldn't have asked for better weather!

There was booze. 

Lots and lots: 

Of delicious booze.

And shooooooooooooooes.

And, and there are a tonne of photos because you won't believe this, there was and INCREDIBLE amount of people!!!

People were very impressed by Boyf's horrendously coloured crochet and his concentration face. Can you see him looking adoringly at me over on the left? That's the way I like him. haha. Also, look at Steph and Lynsey's little faces - aren't they excited to be at a wool shop?! When I asked Boyf about it later he said that he couldn't believe how excited people got about yarn. Well... uhhh... duh... it comes in like a million colours and it can be soft or hard or shiny or dull or sparkly or hardwearing or... or... or... what's not be excited about?!!?!?

Can you see the lovely Zoe Halstead on the right there? She was wearing the same colour as me because she is coooooooool like I am! :) 

 And Jem Weston was here:

She came just as Zoe was leaving. MAYBE THEY'RE THE SAME PERSON!

And she bought some wool from me that isn't Rowan!!!!!!! This is her trying to hide it at the pub later. 

 Lynsey won the 100% off. It was getting to the point where people didn't believe that I'd actually put 100% in! I'd done about 70 lucky dip things and we were down to the last six when Lynsey thought she'd try her luck with some lurvely Truly Wool Rich Two Of A Kind and then she won I think we were all in a state of shock. Dead pleased.

 But it wasn't all fun, games, giving yarn away and booze you know. It was also an incredible day for sales. Literally our best ever by 100% and more! I still haven't filled all of the shelves but this is how we looked at 1pm:

And it only got worse... :)

I really do feel like we celebrated this day to the best of our abilities. The woman that interviewed me on the radio apparently used Love Your Local Yarn Shop Day to illustrate that there's a day for everything later on in the week - with a tone of... slight incredulity? And I know there is - but the point is that we're all increasingly isolated what with the internet, and scares stories in the press and less money around and working ourselves to the bone and sometimes you need to just get together and bond with other human beings over a shared experience. Yeah? And that's what LYLYSD was about for me. Obvs I was working but I was surrounded by people, my friends, getting giddy and excited about yarn and patterns and projects and I wish I'd taken a photo of the Mood Scarf to show you but I'd been having a big slump of sad and mediocre days then I had one angry day where the printer wouldn't work to do the lucky dip tickets, an excited day for the event itself and ever since it's been happy and contented. It's like a big kick up the arse to make yourself be grateful for stuff that really matters. I hope you lot felt it too. 

And just to stop it being so gushy around here, here's what some overachievers have been up to with their spoils from the day.


She's using like a million shades of the Bamboo Cotton and I'm glad it's working out as well as our drunken selves imagined...

And then, like mother like son, the lovely Gareth (Garth as I like to call him), a newbie knitter, has taken on a mighty garter stitch scarf in the Patons Fab DK. I love his even stitching!!!

And, of course, MORE SOCKS!  In some of the non-Two Of A Kind Truly Hooked Yarn that was available on the day (but only on the day... too late suckers!!! Mwahaha!). The heel's done in the Patons Diploma doubled I think? Lindsay is a fabulous crocheter and apparently a sock-and-sock-only knitter. She knows what she likes. :)

I'm trying to see if there's anything else that I need to show you from the LYLYSD but I don't think there is but I do have a photo from the bank holiday that I need to show you. See this?

WHAT AN IDEA I HAD! Me and Boyf went to the garden centre and I saw a plant that had a cat on it and I assumed that it was cat mint even though it looked nothing like the cat mint that I have in my garden - I thought there might be another type of cat mint? Anyway, knowing cats like I do (or maybe it's just my cats) I knew that I'd have to protect it at least until it was a little grown because they gnaw right down to a stump and then it's never going to survive is it? So I found this broken bicycle wheel and the bricks, all ready to be trashed essentially (or hang around rotting more like) and I used them to form a shield. I was dead pleased with myself. And then when the Cat turned up I excitedly finished the bit of accounting that I was doing and dragged him into the back garden and he was absolutely not. bothered. I plucked a little leaf off, rubbed it on his face - nothing. So I decided to read what I'd actually bought and it's called Scaredy Cat! It's not cat mint, it's to keep the cats away from your garden! HOW AM I SUCH AN IDIOT?!?! Haha. So I'm going to put that in the front garden and get some cat mint for the back. Unless I forget how to read... again... apparently...

And that's that. I'm off to do all the work that I have to do before I go on holiday next week. NEXT WEEK! GAH!

Thank you all who turned up on Saturday, especially Zoe and Jem for their appearances. But to everybody that's ever bought from us and those who continue to buy from us and those who buy gifts for us and like things on our facebook and share our blogs and talk about us on the bus to the uninitiated and come in to have a laugh - we luuuuuuurve you. See you next year?

Love Eleanor. xxx

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