Thursday, 29 May 2014


Of being a business woman. Free booze! Ha! You'll have to forgive me because this is a very bitty and bobby post and I can't say an awful lot because I have a super secret project on the go but it's been nine days (NINE DAYS!) since I last posted and I've got an idea for you... 

World Wide Knit In Public Day (it's a week now but whatevs...) is a-coming and I've been chatting with the lovely Steph from Knit In Notts. We decided that, since I was teaching a lesson on both Sundays that the week was running, she would organise a picnic in the day at the Arboretum (you can find the event by clicking here) and that would kind of morph into a booze up from 4pm at Fade and the Hard To Find Cafe hosted by the shop (and you can find the event for that by clicking here). So far, so much like last year which was bloody marvelous so problem? What problem? 

Buuuuuuuuuut. Last night I was invited, because I'm a businessperson, pillar of the local community and all round good egg, to the opening of the Homemade Cafe on the Pavilion. Now, I know very little about the pavilion. I know that that's where the toilets are at Goose Fair and that they used to do terrible teas there at other times... That's it. But it seems that since the redo in 2013, the council had other ideas and they invited Homemade to open their third cafe there and it is LOVELY! Actually really nice. There has been some trouble with getting a license though I can't actually find the report about that at the mo and I, for one, want to support them. 

Though if you look at these photos I'm not sure they really need it: 

It was mad!!! Like a hundred people maybe??! Blimey! We didn't stay long because you know me, I hate people, but it was a dead friendly atmosphere and the food was delicious and I can see myself out on the terrace in the sunshine with a glass of wine. Look!

Obvs it'll look much better in the sun and it will be sunny on WWKIP day... Just check out the photos on their facebook page. I got the idea that we would do our celebrating there! YES!?

Anyway, they usually shut at around 4.30/5pm on a Sunday so I've e-mailed the owner to see if she might want to open a bit later for us but that will depend on how many people are going to turn up on the day so I need some yes's! If you're on facebook then simply tell us that you're 'going' on the event page and if you're not on facebook then comment here or tweet or e-mail or whatevs so I can get a good look at the numbers for her.

In other news, Let's Knit Mag sent us a new copy of the Best Yarn Shop in the Midlands certificate which got ruined in the great flood.

Isn't that wonderful of them!?!?! I got another little burst of pride when I opened the envelope and saw it again. :):):) Don't forget that you can nominate us for the next round and then maybe we can win again!?!?! And this time not ruin ours in a flood.... Click here to nominate. Pretty please!!!

And then finally, this is why I've not been around so much:

It's my super secret project which I don't believe has been mentioned on the blog before. Started before my holiday, almost finished and a big massive ballache that will turn out to be a beautiful collaboration like a butterfly from a wriggling ugly caterpillar (sorry nature lovers but blurgh to caterpillars. Especially hairy ones). Anyway, this has beads. And a chart. And don't I know it. Haha. More, much more, later.
That's it. I'm off. I need to finish this secret project up to the getting the pattern written and the final version made today. Blocking, prettying up the pattern and photographing the thing come later (when there's hopefully some sun!).

Love Eleanor. xxx

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