Friday, 30 January 2015

A Truly Classy Yarn

I stole the title from yesterday's blog because apparently all we now stock is bloody classeh yarn! Ahhhhhhhhhhh laceweight how I love thee! I am a MASSIVE fan of laceweight and I've been looking for a long time for something suitable for the shop - in terms of colour, texture and probably most importantly, price. I was introduced to Navia when I went to collect my award (for Best Yarn Shop in the Midlands as voted by you, thank you very much *smug look*) and we happened upon their stall. Such an array of colours! Such a deep, crunchy hand! Such a lovely bloody woman! I took some details, she took some details and then I forgot about her. She didn't forget about me though - she sent me a big old book of colourways, patterns and a couple of free balls of yarn. I couldn't not get it once I'd got my greasy mitts on it - the problem was, which one? They do a 4ply and a DK/Aran too. But we have a lot of those. There really was only one answer.

Now, there really is a lot that you can do with laceweight - not just shawls - have you seen the Featherweight Cardigan?

 Don't be scared of laceweight garments - it's unlikely that you'll use the 'proper' needles for the yarn - more like a 3.75mm or a 4mm to get the drape, so it really is more similar to a DK. That's the way of it for shawls too. This one here:

was knitted on 5mm needles. This is the Ethereal pattern, free from Ravelry in the Red of the Navia Uno. I got a bit caught up in the main body pattern and didn't end up being able to do the edging (which is the part of the pattern that I think really stands out) because I definitely wanted to do it in one ball, just to show what could be done with one measly little ball. I think I'll redo it at some point with two balls and get the full effect of it. Lovely. 

 I also took some photos for you to show the effect of blocking. We talk about how important it is but it's never more important that working with wool and lace:

Neither particularly good photos but - same bed, same shawl, same day. Look how different it looks. And when you unpin a blocked shawl done in wool it should stay where you put it. 

Just beautiful isn't it? Amazing. I can't believe that this came out of my little fingers. Imagine. Anyway. Part of what makes this so amazing is the yarn - most of what makes it so amazing actually. So, I suggest you grab yourself a ball or two of this beautiful Navia Uno and smash out something small and lacy and see how amazing you can be too.

 I must admit, not all of the colours that I ordered turned up which is a bit frustrating because it doesn't create such a beautiful visual rainbow on the shelf. But each colour that has turned up is a stunner. I have a particular fondness for the Red obviously, but the Fir is also calling to me:

 The Pastel Blue (second in from the left) has been the biggest winner in the shop so far and the Charcoal (hidden towards the right - brill photo!). Here's a better one for you:

I'm pleased we've ended up with all of the 'main' colours and I've got a real hankering for something that includes all of the top line in that order. Haven't you? Come back in a couple of days and we'll discuss something.... ;)

So, in conclusion, we've got the best yarn ever. It makes amazing lace. The colours are stunning. It's a proper wool with defined breeds. And it's only £5 a ball. That's ridonkulous. We're too good to you.

Navia Uno - the yarn of my heart.

Love Eleanor.   

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