Thursday, 29 January 2015

NeW yArN nEw YaRn

There's a variation on the 'new yarn' title. Really, I wanted to call this 'A Truly Classy Yarn' because it actually is. I don't really know when my love affair with Cottonsoft started. It wasn't when it first came in funnily enough, although I loved it as I love everything in the shop. Maybe it's when I first made a shawl in it? A long departed Fantasm in black (I hope whoever has it now loves it as much as I did). But by the time I made this beaut:

(My version of the Sophia Loren from Knitty) my love affair was well and truly underway. And, as if I couldn't love it any more than I already do, they've now upped the colours so that we have a RAINBOW!!! Praise be for King Cole!!!

It may look like nothing in a little line like that (though, I defy anybody to not fall in love with the Hibiscus - ooooowee!) but when it's on a shelf it is HOT STUFF!

 See the rainbow. Taste the rainbow. Bloody knit the rainbow! IDEAS FOLKS! IDEAS!

Anyway, they've released four brand new, a not necessarily easy patterns. The beauts:

An easy to wear top with a stunning little lace pattern. 4156. Not my fave though. 

Another easy to wear top with a gorgeous lace pattern. This one has DOUBLE DECREASES! Get in King Cole - welcome to our world! :) 4157. A contender for a shop sample but not my fave.

The pattern that I can most see myself wearing - less slouchy, a bit more formal but still easy on the eye and absolutely wearable and it's got a cheeky little cable. 4158. Not my fave though. 

MY FAVOURITE! 4159. And how frustrating that you can't see the bloody lace pattern. Hang on. Let me try and get a better photo for you. 

Talking of cheeky little cables... ISN'T THAT LOVELY! It's like a faggoted lace interspersed with a little polka dot of a cable. The rest of the pattern needs changing for my liking - not least the colour (to each their own and all that...). Also, there's picot everywhere - overkill.  And I'm not utterly convinced about the neckline. BUT THAT STITCH PATTERN THOUGH! Got my heart racing a little.  

 Having said that there are four patterns in the range, they've actually brought out a lovely classic bloke's pattern:

There's no reason that men should miss out on the beautiful softness of this yarn is there? And the model is better than the last one - even a hint of facial hair - not quite there yet though King Cole. Try harder next time. :) 4161.

I still have to finish my stole in the Opium Palette that I told you about yesterday, but in the interests of all honesty, I'm literally writing this half an hour after I published that one so I've got no further. Haha. Hopefully tonight, after the second episode of Wolf Hall I'll have got a bit further with it and then maybe over the weekend I can start something in these new colours?!?!! PLEASE?! MAYBE?! But, I've also found something to make in the stunning yarn that I'm introducing tomorrow so I may be persuaded elsewhere. SO MUCH TO KNIT SO LITTLE TIME (especially when you're writing three days worth of blog posts in one go...).
That's it, one more time for the google rankings - that's King Cole Cottonsoft and you can find the patterns by clicking here.

Love Eleanor. xxxxx

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