Monday, 12 January 2015

The Photos Continue (Knitting Edition)

I think I've sorted through my favourite projects from this year. It's certainly not all of them but I like (and can remember...) the little stories attached to these ones which is my favourite part of the shop probably. I always say I don't remember names but I do remember what people bought and the stories behind the purchase. Fascinating people.

I've had to split this between knitting and crocheting because there's just so many and I only have so much time and there's a lot to do now I'm back at the shop (and the phone and e-mail haven't been working properly so I'm dealing with a backlog... oh me oh my...). Anyway. Knitting. Let's see where the computer takes us shall we because there's no order to this at all:

Ahhhhhh, lovely Asha. I chose this photo because I like how simple she's kept it. The scarf's a rib, one by one, plain and simple and it allows the yarn to shine. I adore how it matches her coat and I always adored her but she moved away. Luckily, her equally adorable sister has started coming in to take up the mantel. Good family. :)

Meet Jan's dog. CUTE! This was Jan's attempt at a hat on her second Learn To Knit Course. Jan's one of those people who just picks knitting up and 'gets it'. Second thing she ever made was an amazing cabled jumper that radiated out from the centre in a series of panels making a hexagon and then you had to knit around the outside doing some tricksy shaping to fill in the gaps. Not only did she smash that but she converted the pattern into the round. Boom. Some people make you sick don't they? You'll be pleased to know that she never finishes anything though. :)

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Jazz! Jazz and her lovely Owls jumper in Grousemoor Chunky. I already did a whole blog about her and this jumper so I won't go mad about it but I still love it and I still love her facial expression here, can you feel the joy?!?

I guess this is knitting but it's not a project as such. Our friend Zoe Halstead finished and published her second Christmas Book for King Cole after the success of the first. It's another bloody great book, full of excellent inspiration, beautifully photographed and laid out. There are some fun and funky bits aswell as more traditional stuff like the gingerbread man which is my favourite. I'm dead pleased for her. :)

EEEEEEEEEEEEEE! How cute is this!? Knitted, from her head, by the gorgeous Frances for her Boyf I am just astounded at the talent. I think Frances is relatively new to knitting, at least she was when she first came to the shop and yet her imagination and flair is just amazing. I love how well this fits him - size wise and personality wise and the finishing looks spot on too. What a project! And, to top it all off, it's knitting in Pricewise DK which goes to show with a little imagination and effort even the cheapest of yarns can be made to look spectacular. Good job!

Talking about flair and imagination - look at this! This had Chris literally salivating at the thought. Sadly for him, I'm in charge of his wardrobe now and this doesn't fit in with his 'look' (... ;)...). In case you're wondering, this is a remake of the seventh Doctor's jumper - Sylvester Mccoy. Gemma again made this up, kinda. The chart was somewhere on the internet but she had to work out the shaping and the pockets (love pockets!) and how it was all going to work together. The colours are spot on, chosen from the Diploma Gold range and doesn't he look absolutely thrilled?! I love that he came into the shop to show me. :)

Ahhhhhh. More beautiful colourwork. This was made by Debbie for her father who's modelling it rather beautifully in the photo. It's lots of colours of the Truly Wool Rich 4ply and a very complicated pattern. Debbie assures me that there are mistakes in there but I can't see any - just an amazing bunch of colours knitted together with skill and love. So clever. 

Ahhhh. Where would be be without Steph ey? Steph's one of our regulars and has been so supportive of us for the last couple of years. I love having her around and love seeing what she's up to. These are just two of her versions of Sailing Pi both in combinations of King Cole Bamboo 4ply and Bamboo DK. She's made at least another one since and doesn't she look great in them?

Oooooooh, I chose this because it's by another newbie knitter - Natalie. Now, Natalie's got a tiny little baby to think about so what else would you do but start a whole new hobby??? Actually, I think it's a great time to start, especially with an easy child who sleeps because generally they need feeding, changing and more sleep and everybody else will know that you need 'you-time' when kiddliwink's sleeping and what better use of the 'you-time' than knitting? Perfect! Sadly, she'll be back at work now so less time to do all of the things that she wants, but that's the way of it, isn't it? I chose this particular version, not because I don't love everybody's, but because it's in the Ultimate Super Chunky rather than the Seriously Chunky that the pattern was made for (it's the Unapologetic Hat that I gave away for free just before Christmas) so it's something a bit different. I love the two colours together, don't you? I could do with one today....

Another Sailing Pi and again in the Bamboo Cotton DK and 4ply. This is Anita's version and it's straight out of the box. The reason I wanted to show this again is because I can tell, even from the back of her head, that she's wearing a cheeky little grin. Families of knitters are so lucky aren't they? Lavished in lovely wool. But also, we're so lucky to have our supporters - even those that steal newly finished projects - because it proves just how brill we are. :)

And finally, for today anyway, lovely Heather in her King Cole Galaxy bolero. I just has to include this because it looks so good on her. Perfect size, perfect shape, perfect symmetry of stripes. It's really a masterclass in how to make hand knitting look like perfect. I should get her in to teach us lot a few lessons shouldn't I?! :)

And that's it. I'm sorry I couldn't fit more people in - a lot of it is about my organisation to be honest - finding photos in the maelstrom that is my life is difficult. But I do think that this is a good snapshot of what's going on at Knit Nottingham. Beginners and old hats smashing it out, making amazing, wearable stuff with a sense on humour and incredible skill. I am privileged to be part of it - here's to the next year! :)

Love Eleanor. xxxxxxx

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