Thursday, 24 November 2011

I promised...

a positive blog today. And here it is. I'm feeling much better (though I still haven't heard from who I need to...).

So, last Sunday we went to the wonderful Bead and Craft Fair organised by our friends over at The Bead Shop, Nottingham and oh me, oh my it was wonderful! Didn't we have a grand time!?

This was the stall:

Our stalls always look a mess compared to the bead stalls. I think it's because beads are so much smaller, they fit nicely into packets which fit nicely into boxes or baskets or onto frame kind of things. That's my excuse anyway! If you've ever been into the shop you'll know it really is an excuse...

So, June and I set off at around 7.30am... maybe a bit later than that... that might have been my fault... and we were there for something like 8am. The whole thing started at sort of 10 to 10.30am but I knew from last year it'd take a little while to get ready. Much longer than you'd expect. At about 9am we were looking to be ready and I had the sudden daunting realisation that for the second year running I'd forgotten my bloody teaching materials. Luckily, I printed the stuff I needed the night before at home so that was in my hand bag but all the little balls of yarn that I needed for the lessons were waiting patiently back in the shop. Cue half an hour of frantic tiny ball winding by me, Sue and June.But that got sorted.

Then the hordes arrived! And I really do mean hordes! It could have been hundreds, it could have been thousands but either way it took ten minutes to wade through to get a much needed cup of coffee! Blimey.

Things went swimmingly, we sold tonnes and tonnes of the Woolcraft Tango, it really went down a storm. We sold out in fact! So around midday we sent June off in a taxi to get some more. And that went down a storm too. I guess the clever Bead Fair customers know a good Christmas present when they see it.

I taught two lessons on the day. Well, I say two lessons. Nobody turned up to my bloody Learn to Knit lesson! So I sat there looking like a tit for about quarter of an hour whilst every other teacher had a full table. Not for long. I had a project stashed under the table so I sidled back to the stall and got some serious sewing in ends done. Lovely. The crochet class was a lot more successful! 10 on the table! And I'd spent the last year telling Robin how I was only going to accept six people. I couldn't say no when they all turned up though.

Then, as I showed you yesterday, I splashed out on a little beading kit. I can't help but be inspired when I'm there and I wanted to see what their crafty world was like! I bought a snowflake kit, loved it too much so I bought a Christmas tree kit and a bracelet kit. I thought the snowflake and the Christmas tree might be lovely attached to the packaging of Christmas presents and I think the bracelet might end up being a Christmas present, the colours are a little too muted for me but the idea is a stunner. I think I might make two smaller versions and put them on earrings for me. I do like a good chunky earring.

Here's the photo again because I'm inordinately proud:

But this blog isn't about beading. Even if I might shut the shop and start a bead shop. Joke. Not really.

Anyway, I'm offski. Plenty of work to do today, and tomorrow. And the day after. Ahh the life of an LYSO. ..

Love(ly) Eleanor. :)

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