Friday, 11 November 2011

An update of sorts.

Salutations, lovely Knit Nottinghamers!

It struck me that I haven't done a proper shop update in a while - just musings about my projects and Sue's spinning which must be truly riveting for you given that you'll all have your own bits on the go. Christmas presents I don't doubt...

Well, the big exciting news is that we have two new lines of yarn!!

The first is a blingy, glitzy, in-your-face-fabulous yarn from King Cole, let me present to you:




The gorgeous Galaxy DK

And no, your eyes aren't deceiving you, there really are sequins in there! Soft, luscious, toned to match the yarn sequins. And blimey, I'm smitten! Who'd have thought I'd fall for a glittery yarn? The girls, and couple of blokes, at my knit club will be as shocked as I am!

Currently these are the four colours that we have in stock - I tried to get the others but it's just too popular. In my humble opinion nobody would ever need another colour but the purple anyway. Apart from June, she likes the fuchsia.

My thoughts are, a plain, low necked jumper with gorgeous lacy sleeves. Something a bit delicate. Naturally, I think we all want to make scarves with something so beaueaueaueaueaueautiful too.

It's 50g, 175m, 31% wool, 65% acrylic and 4% soft payette (that's the sparkle). Spun similarly to the Riot DK, if you love that it'll be worth your while giving this a go. Almost forgot to say it's £3. And I hereby promise to get it on the internet asap!

Next new yarn - not any less lovely but quite a lot less sparkly - is the Big Value 4ply.

French Navy


 Now I've got them in some sort of an order I'm leaving it at that - sorry they're placed a bit randomly...

Again, I've made a selection from the colours available for this yarn. Mostly because I don't want to completely blow the budget but also because I want to see the reaction from you guys. I get quite a lot of feedback that we don't stock enough wool yarns. Personally, I think we have a tonne, three commercial 100%'s, six commercials with over 50% and all the handspun and felting yarn. On top of that, if they're talking about naturals we have cottons to peruse too. You can see I'm a bit frustrated. Lately, I've been asked for more acrylics. It seems we might have gone too far the other way? So here's my attempt at an acrylic, in an interesting weight (lovely vintage jumpers, socks or shawls for the sheep-opposed anybody?). I've gone for colours that are most popular in our shop: black, mustard, deep pink and teal and a couple to brighten things up a bit and that I like - mmmm to the French Navy Oh yes!

The yarn comes with patterns and I couldn't make up my mind so I bought them all. That's two male patterns and four female patterns and they all have a lovely, vintagey, elegant feel to them.

There ain't no way I'm not knitting that sweet little sweater in the camel colour. Though I'll choose a more interesting colour...

So, 100g, 4ply, 100% acrylic, 439m (yes, that's four hundred and thirty nine of your metric metres!). In my size (big if you're wondering) that's going to mean four balls. Four balls!? And the best bit is - it's only bloody £2.75. Who cares about the double dip when the wool's that cheap?

So, tell me what you think folks.

In other pattern related news, we now have:

 Oh yes, it's the 'Magic Dolman Jacket' and it's also available in a 4ply and DK version. Eagle eyed readers will note that this is exactly. the. same. as. the. BSJ written by the indomitable Elizabeth Zimmerman. Apparently, according to my yarn rep, I was the only LYSO who noticed this. Quite chuffed with myself! Now, I questioned them about the legal validity of selling this pattern, apparently it's all wrapped up but he was about as willing to talk about copyright issues as that one rav busybody who always says 'and now to sit down with popcorn while you all battle in out' smugly in a copyright thread. So I bought it - just for your dear readers! I think it'll be a lot cheaper/quicker to get it here and I'm guessing there's some sort of arrangement with Schoolhouse Press that means we're not squeezing them out of money.

Nice ey?!!?!? :)

We have more new patterns too but if I chat about them all like this, it'll turn into a novel. Just. Shut. Up.

So, the shelves have gone down well. I think everybody's a little sad that the other one has gone but I forgot to say that it went to The Art Room in Long Eaton which both Liese and I believe to be a worthy cause so don't be too sad. It's funny to see the reactions. One lady who comes in about week didn't notice until a couple of days ago and she literally jumped out of her skin when she realised as if something had just piddled on her grave. Haha!

I have a throat infection. It's not my fault. Treat me kindly please.

I've also started another Ripple Blanket. It's not my fault. Treat me kindly please.

And now I'm going to try and get on with the knitting that I was meant to start at 11am-ish today but haven't actually touched. Thank you lot, and the internet buyers, for making this such a busy winter. We're just getting over the few money troubles we've had - gah to unexpected bills! - and then we've got to start saving for the possibility of moving into bigger premises next year! How very exciting!

Finally, I'd like to say hello to the two regular readers from the Ivory Coast - hello, what brings you here?


Eleanor. :)


  1. Hello,
    I'm a new comer to Nottingham. I moved here recently and living in Sneinton with my boyfriend. Don't have that many chums here and was thinking of joining and/or starting a knit'n'natter group in/around Sneinton. Do you know of anyone who would be interested in helping me get it started? Sewing is more my thing but I want to get into knitting and get beyond just knitting squares. Look forward to hearing from you.
    Best, Kirby x

  2. Hello Kirby Jane,

    What a lovely idea! I haven't heard of one but I'll put it out on facebook and let you know what happens.

    If you're on facebook yourself (or rav) you might want to look up 'Knit in Notts' which is a knitting group in the centre of town. Lovely.