Friday, 6 April 2012

I'm getting a bit of a kick...

...out of knitting Bamboo Cotton with bamboo needles. Yes, I know I'm a little odd....

I think I'm also a little giddy because I've actually got around to casting on one of my holiday projects that I told you about last month. It's taken too long to cast on really but I've had stuff to do... Anyway, pub knits last night was a brilliant time to start a boring stocking stitch thing and I'm about 7 ish inches up the back/front (I haven't read the pattern but I'm betting they're exactly the same).

And yes, you did hear right, we are now stocking bamboo needles! It's been something we've wanted to do for a while but I've never been sure of the quality of cheaper bamboo needles and I will never sell something I wouldn't work with myself. But, some time last week, I had to make a minimum up on an order so I thought I'd chuck a few of the most popular sizes in to see how it goes and there you go. We now stock bamboo needles! Naturally, I had to test them out, and I desperately wanted to do some knitting for myself so I cast on and my oh my I love them! They're so light. So incredibly light! I knew that of course, I've worked with bamboo needles before, but usually, I just knit with whatever's around so to have needles in my hands which are so damn light feels weird - and amazing. They're also smooth - no snags - which is a nightmare with bamboo needles. I can't comment on the longevity, usually bamboo/wooden needles wear out quicker than metal or plastic, but they feel like they'll last as long as I don't sit on them (which has been the fate of many, many of my Knit Pro needles/DPNs/hooks....). We only got them in yesterday and they're on the bloody internet so they must be exciting!!! Anyway, one last quick link, (trying to get them up the google rankings you see...), Knit Nottingham now stocks bamboo needles!

Whilst I was at it I also, finally, added the Knit Pro Soft Touch Crochet Hooks. I've been a bit reluctant to add these because I haven't been able to get a regular supply. When they were launched, Knit Pro also launched another 20 or so products. Worldwide. At the same time. Just before Christmas. Everybody applaud because that was one BRILLIANT idea... Anyway, a little shop like us, with no buying power was sort of muscled out of the way and I got only what I was given for a long time. But things have settled down now, and I ordered and received five 4mm hooks t'other day without having to argue or plead so I'm betting that the supply will be regular enough for me to put it on the internet so I have - Knit Pro Soft Touch Crochet Hooks. If you haven't tried them - do. They're only 40p more expensive than our regular hooks and they are so, so, so worth it.

While I've been at it, I've also added new colours to the:

Cygnet DK
Cygnet Grousemoor Chunky
Cygnet Aran
Fortissima Sock

And with that, I am going to get on with some knitting - finally!!!

Love Eleanor.

P.s. There is still enough time to book on our National Trust events. 


  1. I use bamboo DPNs for knitting socks, I find the thinner ones bend a bit in use (they do bend back fairly easily) but the reason I love them is that they're so WARM to the touch.

  2. I was wondering ... do Knit Nottingham stock bamboo needles? Oh .. they DO??! Did you hear that everyone? KNIT NOTTINGHAM stock BAMBOO NEEDLES :-)

  3. Can't believe I missed your comments Sue.

    Yes we do! Only straights so far but if you ever find yourself in need of some more warm DPNs we do stock the knit pro sock needles in 2mm and 2.25mm.


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