Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Two thoughts.

I can't make this into a proper review or a proper blog because I don't have the time! Busy busy! But I have two thoughts about the latest Knit Now magazine...

First thing, they've done a feature on up and coming designers and the journalist has called a hat which is clearly some kind of rib a 'stockinette hat'. Hmm. Firstly, it's bloody rib! Secondly, we're not in America - what's wrong with 'stocking stitch'? It just adds one more syllable - like when people use big words when they could use little ones or lots of words when they could use two... Blurgh. 

Secondly, I found the nicest quote ever about knitting. They asked Ruth and Belinda from what is is about knitting that really gets them going and Ruth said: 

'The immediacy of turning my ideas into a thing.'

Succinct, ey? I get it. 

Love Eleanor. :)


  1. You are a sweetie!
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  2. I'll spread the word. What an idea!


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