Monday, 23 April 2012

Surprisingly Magical

When this pattern came into the shop, I couldn't wait to cast on, so I bought a ball of King Cole Riot DK in the Bling colourway and got going. Two days later I was finished and couldn't wait to cast on another one - which is unusual for me as I rarely knit the same pattern more than once, and certainly not straight away.

For the next one I chose Ebony King Cole Moorland Aran. I was addicted! As I hadn't sewn the shoulder on the first one, I put the two together in a little pile, then cast on a third in King Cole Riot Chunky in the yummy Moors colour, then used up some stash sock yarn to make a fourth. Here they are, unseamed in a pile.

Aren't they cute? Of course, I then had to seam them all. And this is what they looked like

And all in a row

Hanging up

And a roly poly of magic

All of them have the same number of stitches and rows. Its magic! Although, when you knit this I recommend writing down the row numbers with the number of stitches to the increase (or decrease) point, then the number of stitches to the next one, it just makes life a little easier.

Of course, all four of them have been given away as gifts, but I can assure you, this will be my "go to" pattern for all babies and toddlers from now on. I wonder if King Cole are going to bring out an adult version.

June x

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