Thursday, 13 September 2012

New Yarn New Yarn!

Marsh Marsh is back (!!!!) so we had a good long catch up today. We sorted some shelves and put the new yarn out to ogle at. I can't say it's the prettiest display we've ever done but with four whole new yarns in a week it's the best that we could do:

Now, last night I buss' out my crochet blanket - it was so cold wasn't it!?

This morning, I thought 'ahh, it was cold last night - it will be cold today - I think I'll wear my new cowl':

Turns out, it wasn't actually that cold and I took it off pretty soon. But it's got me excited ain't it?! And then the new yarn, and Masa's new found enthusiasm for knitting has got me inspired so I cast on for a cowl and had it finished in half an hour. Look at it!

Ain't she pretty??

Anyway, it was literally half an hour because it's done on 15mm needles and it isn't going to blow your mind with how complicated it is but it is a pattern and it would make a brilliant last minute gift (Christmas is, what, sixteen weeks away.... shit....). 

I've called it Moss because it looks a bit mossy in this colourway (I started selfishly but forgot that I now have ridiculous hair...):

Maybe I'll make one in the Ruby colourway. :)

Right so here's the link the pattern in general: click here. 

Here's the link to the Rav page: click here. 

Here's the link to the yarn: click here.

Which I probably ought to talk about ey? I bought it in Bristol and then kinda forgot whether it was that or the the Gypsy Chunky (which I'll talk about soon) that I bought. Turns out, I bought both! I was a little unsure at the price at first, £8 seems quite steep even if it is for 200g but really, the Seriously Chunky is £2.50 for 100g so it's only £3 difference overall and that can mostly be explained by the fact that there's some wool in here and it really is super duper chunky (though I hate that name...). 

Now it's turned up, I'm wondering what on earth was wrong with me! It's soft, chunky and delicious. It has a real sheen even in the champagne colourway (I find creams often lack lustre). And the 200g balls have a real satisfying weight to them. I'm still not convinced you can get a whole scarf out of a ball so I'll have to try but this cowl is generously sized and I didn't feel like I was scrimping, I ended up with a couple of metres left over. I really hate that feeling of having to scrimp so you don't have to buy a whole new ball, don't you?

Push comes to shove, really, you should just buy it and some ridiculous needles and knit garter stitch (or a simple, yet stylish, free pattern for a lace cowl...) whilst enjoying a nice glass of red. Now the nights are drawing in, can you think of anything better?

And just to get it up the google rankings - let us present to you - King Cole Supa Dupa Chunky

Love Eleanor. 

P.s. Another quick plug - them google rankings don't come easily you know... King Cole Supa Dupa Chunky!!!!!!

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