Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Unashamedly Long

**STOP PRESS! If you're the lady that bought the Gypsy Chunky in the gorgeous teal colourway from us on Tuesday afternoon then we need to speak to you! Call us on (0115) 9474239.**

The title says it all. I've been trying to think of ways to break it down but it ain't happening so you can coco. :)

What a week it's been! I can't quite get over it. With June being away it's been a bit of a whirlwind and I must admit some stuff didn't get done that should have been.... hang on...

*I'm listening to the radio with me on it and it's horrendous... Oh god - why do I giggle and say 'yes' so much... I'll pop a link up when it's on their website*

Right. Let's start with Friday. I hinted last week about a new look for the shop and blimey O'Reilly here it isssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!

How professional does that shop look!? Posh!
Problem is, it's too bloody shiny to get a good photo but there's no way I'll be cleaning it so we won't have that problem for long... Here's a comparison: 

To be honest, Friday was just an all round awesome day. First, I saw this! Finished! Good job Scooby Nomi-Whatsyerface:

It's only the best kind of crochet blanket ain't it!? He even used fun fur (and to great effect. I know. Sit down and take a deep breath!). 

While he was in the shop showing me his crochet the blokes from Blueprint Nottingham turned up. Made a noise and a mess. They looked like this:

I took their names but can't remember them now - maybe Mike? Maybe Ryan? Thanks guys!

That was the first viewing of the sign - on the floor and the two boards facing into eachother which is why it looks odd. 

The old sign came down to reveal this - remember the shop?

And then the new one went up - dead quick and easy which was a shock and surprise! I'll spare you another photo of the sign - you'll just have to come in and see it for yourself. 

After that Verity and Dee turned up and we had a right laugh trying a bra on Ida and stuffing it full of wool (I decided to call the shop model Ida because it's my bloody shop and it's almost 'idea' not Myrtle - what were you all thinking?!!?). 

Don't mention her uneven boobs - after what we were saying about her on Friday she has very little self esteem left...

We decided against it in the end because, honestly, I didn't even have time to put balloons up for the birthday  never mind fit and fill a bra on a model. I like her small boobs anyway (I talked about this on the radio this morning - managed to get the word 'boobs' in within the first minute or two - good going - I'm aiming for within the first 30 seconds next time). 

Anyway, it's this pattern and this yarn  in the Earthy colourway - which is taking a while to turn up but is on its way!

Then me and June got to work with moving the shop around. It's a massive job. Bloody massive! And we always forget quite how big it is. Anyway, we got out by about 10 o'clock and the shop looked fab for the birthday party the next day. We agreed to meet at 9.30am the next day to get hoovering done, balloons blown up and a few parcels into the post. 

But then.... June missed her alarm. Oh gosh. I was so stressed. I had a little tantrum in the street with the balloons (stamped my foot and everything) and burst into tears in front of the first four customers. Which led me to start drinking at 11 o'clock or so. June turned up and took some of the flack for me during the day and even agreed that I could go home at 5 o'clock (in reality too many lovely customers turned up and I wanted to drink and chat some more so I went home at 6.30 like normal...). 

What a beautiful day it was! Far too bloody hot! The loyalty cards were appreciated by lots of people (and forgotten by Hilary who won the free purchase last year, honestly... she'd forget her head if it weren't screwed on...). I'm dead excited that they've gone down so well and pleased that people seem to have agreed with the levels we've set - lots of people were saying on the day that £15 in our shop is worth a hell of a lot more than it would be in say, John Lewis, which is true (and pleasing). 

I didn't get many photos of the day - I was mainly drunk as promised... But the lovely Verity did! Look what happened when Seb (my lovely nephew) met Alfie (our youngest yarn appreciator):

Isn't that just the cutest thing you ever did see!?!?!??! Seriously. Makes me want to give them a big shake and a cuddle. 

Verity also made us a beautiful thing (I've been trying to remember the name for it for about ten minutes but I'm just going to have to get on with it aren't I!?). Here:

Isn't that just the worst photo ever? If you can't see, it's a thing that says Knit Nottingham in crochet!

Anyway, I can't talk about Verity all day. I'm very sad to say that nobody won the free purchase. It didn't even occur to me that nobody would win it. But we did give away triple points, free balls of wool, 20% off and bloody tonnes and tonnes of stamps. I think the most anybody won was 15 stamps! Boom!!! That's only five stamps off having a free jumpers worth of yarn! We'll be doing some double points events at some point I'm sure. 

Thank you to everybody who turned up to celebrate with us. It was bloody brilliant wasn't it!? Thank you got the home made cakes, all the booze (nine bloody bottles!), biscuits, chocolates, beautiful crocheted things, cd's. Oh gosh. I'm grateful. Grateful grateful! Thank you! :)

Later I went out on the boozey boozey which was brilliant. I went with my sister and some of her friends and had a marvellous time - went to a gig, a nice little pub, a club and then a late bar. Had marvellous fun! Caroline thinks this is the best photo ever taken of her: 

She was quite drunk at the time it was taken and when she decided it was a brilliant photo - can you tell??

Then I had two days off!!!!!! (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). 

And now I'm in today - being on the radio, adding this gorgeous new yarn to the internet, writing this and generally getting excited about this new yarn: 

King Cole Gypsy Chunky - 100g - 102y, 92m - 80% acrylic, 20% wool - £3.75. 

We also have the Supa Dupa Chunky (or whatever they're bloody calling it) - it really is super duper chunky!   And gorgeous! But I just haven't the space in the shop or indeed in my head to work out where it could go. I will soon. Both will be on t'internet by the end of the week or I'll eat my hat. 

Right, I think that's everything for now. 

Thank you again! See you next year??

Love Eleanor. :)

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