Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Plans are Afoot

For the birthday party! I'm nearly there. Half of the order that I made to turn up in time for Saturday is here (crossed fingers on the other half - Jem's on my side though so all will be well I'm sure). I've ripped up some tiny little bits of paper for the lucky dip that we're repeating from last year but this time I've put them in a matching cup and saucer!

(I might be doing well but not well enough to remember my phone/camera this morning...). 

I've written the mailing list and this blog - sort of - and set aside some time to tidy tomorrow and move the shop around on Friday (as well as supervising a marvellous surprise!). Yes, we're doing well. 

Now, if you missed the e-newsletter yesterday , I have some news for you! 


It's been on our minds since the very beginning I just couldn't put into reality what was in my head because I only have space for a few things at a time... So earlier this year, about two months ago, I had the idea to do our vouchers on business cards (I've never liked the look of the old vouchers to be honest) and it's certainly more cost effective. When I thought about that, it suddenly came to me that we could get loyalty cards at the same time! Oh yes yes yes what a good idea. So, I designed it (including the little balls of wool that we'll stamp over), sent them off and a couple of days later there they here. I've been sitting on them ever since and it's been a bloody nightmare but I think I've managed to tell only one person about them which is good going for a blabber mouth like me. 

I ripped the idea and rules almost entirely off the Bead Shop but changed the amounts because beads cost a lot less than yarn. So our rules will be that you get a stamp per £10 spent, collect £20 and you get £15 free! The only products not included are the artisan items because we don't make enough on them. But all of our other stuff - yarn, needles, notions, workshops, patterns. Anything you can think of (that we sell...). 

Gut, jah?

I'm thinking about how to intertwine these cards with the internet but I think that may be a no go at the moment - see the aforementioned not having space for more than a few things at a time in my head... But I'm particularly sad about this because we have plenty of customers who order regularly from the website and one in particular who is a regular in the shop but books most lessons through the internet to keep her organised. Hmm. Grumble. Grumble. 

I'm just going to be pleased that we've made it as far as a loyalty card so come in on Saturday and be the first to get your stamps!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, I'm making a cup of coffee and knitting shop samples for the rest of the day. It's a hard life. 

Love Eleanor. :)

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