Friday, 28 September 2012

Wot no knitting shops?

Well there were knitting shops but the ones that we found in Ludwigsburg on our first afternoon refused to be found again the next day when I had the camera with me !!! we retraced our steps but they had vanished into a black hole.
But, there was a small piece of yarn bombing at Saarbrucken near the old bridge and seeing this set me off on a hunt for a yarn shop, If they knit then they have to buy yarn from somewhere!

 I found the shop, three floors of yarn, every type although I didn't spot any hand spun.

 As usual with German yarn shops....very neat and tidy and as my German is so poor and marked me out as a tourist even though this is not really a tourist city they pretty much ignored me assuming that I would not be buying anything.

So there we are, not a lot to report on the fluffy front but..........would you get your hair cut at a hairdressers with this catchy name?

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