Thursday, 25 April 2013

Done done done done done and done!

You don't know how pleased I am to write that I am done. And done. And done. Kinda. I still need to write and send an invoice and finish off some of the patterns ready for distribution but the filming and therefore the knitting and crochet are DONE!

We took a lot less photos this time because we meant BUSINESS. We were on the train for 7.30am again on Monday but we decided to stay over with Mary, whose house we were filming in, so that we could start out early on the Tuesday. It worked well and we were comfortable and happy in her loverly house.

I'm going to start this sordid tale on Sunday because that's when the stress really began. Let's bear in mind that I needed to design a blanket, cardi and mug cosie, write the patterns for those, make some spare parts for each and help Masa make some spare parts for her versions. That's 36 knitted squares, two blankets to sew an edge, three cardi's and the beginnings of two cardis, some samples from within that pattern, two full mug cosies and two full mug cosies not sewn together. Honestly, I didn't get them all done. We were frantically knitting on Monday and Tuesday night.

On Sunday, Jem Weston brought together a few of us from Knit Club to do a photo shop at the White Rabbit Tea Rooms in the city centre to take some photos to promote her gorgeous book Cute Little Knits. I really didn't think I could go but because of all of this work and stress I haven't gone to knit club for weeks so I decided to take the opportunity and all of my work with me and - bugger it - knit in the company of my lovely friends. I bloody loved it and got loads done!!!

Steph took the proper photos on her v. posh camera and she's posted the ones that Jem didn't want to her very own blog. I'm stealing this one because I love it!

Really very rare to find a photo that I genuinely like of myself but don't we both look happy!? :):):) You should definitely click here to check out her blog post though, and the rest of her blog because it's one that I LOVE to read - she has a lovely prim way of writing that suits her personality very well. I only wish she could write more - maybe give up the day job and write blogs just for me Steph? 

We took up most of the tea rooms and moved things around to suit us but we did all have coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cakes, scones and sandwiches so they did very well out of us! Once we'd been a little bit twee we decided to be a whole lot more twee and headed over the to Cath Kidston shop and spent a good hour in there looking around. I ummed and ahhed about going but decided to go ahead in the end whilst knitting - must have looked a right tit walking and knitting but only I knew how much work there still was to be done. 

At some point I decided to go home to work work work and ended up with this little mess: 

In the end I got my mum and Masa working like slaves to finish the blankets off and we ended up with two beauties: 

We were sewing on buttons, sewing in ends, packing bags and washing our hair until 1.30am on Monday morning - we had to get up at 5.30am. Ugh. My sister calls this shat-knacked. 

We're sure that we saw Carol Ann Duffy  at Nottingham Train Station. She was carrying a guitar. We'd been talking about her the night before for some reason. Brill. 

I saw not one, not two but three customers on our train journey didn't I?!? Mental knitters up at 7.30am. I'd be in bed if I could help it. We ate chocolate crispie cakes: 

And from there on in Monday goes dark. We were so busy that we didn't get any photos. I took one as we were outside in the evening here: 

That's the city in the background. Beautiful. 

In the morning I took a photo from our bedroom window: 

Not much to say about that. It's stunning isn't it!? 

Masa fell in love with the cat called Milo who was a right little bugger. He kept coming in and messing with the wires and yarn so we ended up locking him out in the end. Then when we went outside for lunch and left the door slightly open he made a mad dash from the other side of the garden and we all shouted at Masa to shut the door and she did but nearly chopped him in half but she didn't and argggggghghghgh... stress. He was lovely lovely lovely though. Doesn't she look tired?

This was on the second night which we weren't meant to be staying but the filming went over so we did. No photos from the filming on Tuesday or Wednesday though just a few as we were tidying up: 

Isn't Mary's house beautiful?! And lovely to see Joe from On Point Productions doing some work. Ha. That's a lie. He was a bloody trooper. Especially after he deleted most of the footage from the second day and he had to work out how to recover it. I felt so bad for him, we were all so tired. But he fixed it. Super Joe!!!

Masa had to leave earlier on Wednesday so we stayed behind and finished up the filming and we were SO RELIEVED when it finished. What a marathon! Joe had to go to work soonish and June had agreed to do the shop but we couldn't both get in the same car so I stayed behind in Mary's lovely house and sat in the sun with Milo:

Then I watched Loose Women for the first time in months whilst eating mini-sausages: 

Then I wandered around the garden and took photos from different angles: 

Such fabulous garden and house. We loved it! Such a good house! Such a good garden. Love. 

On the train I started recrocheting the scarf that I started on the crochet course but hadn't had time to do anything with in Vezza's yarn. It's not a scarf anymore because I got drunk last night and ambitious. I'll regret that because I have a HOLIDAY booked on the 6th of May. I will tell you about it soon but I ought to actually get some work done ey? 

Love Eleanor!!!!


P.s. shop is too busy to check this so I hope it's not too terribly written. Maybe later. 

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