Friday, 12 April 2013

Slog Blog

This really should be called a slog rather than a blog because there's always so much to do and so little blady time! I'm going to steer away from moaning though because this is good work that I am enjoying, there's just a lot of it!!!

So, the last blog post - nearly two weeks ago, ugh - was about how I'd signed up to teach some lessons for At that point I really hadn't done much - just about nine crochet squares and some thinking. Now I'm at the point where I've done two full blankets, 27 squares, four dresses, a scarf, a cowl, a few extra squares, four patterns, two schemes of work  and some notes as to what I'm going to say. I've also booked to have my nails done tomorrow morning before the shop opens and a taxi to get there because I'm usually still in bed by then... my hair's going to be done on Monday morning and I'm about to book the train to Leicester.

I still have to do three baby cardis (and how ever much detritus I have to knit to design that), 27 knitted squares, a full knitted blanket and.... a mug cosy (!??!). All before the 22nd which was the original date that the crochet was going to be done on.

I'm a weird mix of anti-human and wanting to please everybody so I said yes yes yes to a lot of stuff and then put my foot down when I thought I might have a mental breakdown (my body was trying to come down with a cold the other day, I kicked its arse but there is still time for a full physical meltdown... we'll see).

I get the feeling that I would really benefit from getting almighty drunk but I've tried that twice and it ended in tears and shouting respectively because my brain is tick-tick-ticking away and I can't relax like everybody around me at the moment.


I really wish I had a bit more time to enjoy the process. Like on Monday night when all the little squares were lined up on my floor in colour order - I should have taken a photo but the room was a mess and I couldn't justify taking the time to tidy it so that I could take a photo for you all. There's a few along the way so I'll do a little show and tell here - some of it you may have seen - in fact most of it, photos of this project are at a premium so I show all that I have available...

The crochet blanket before blocking - or sewing in ends apparently...

The lovely Masa holding up the first crochet dress before it was finished. She's going to be part of the filming and Oli, the bloke who's running the show, asked me if she was 'presentable' over the phone. Thing is, I was at the pub with her so when I said 'well, she's more presentable than me' and she started shouting I think we scared him a bit... She's deffo more presentable than me though. :)

The blanket in different colours - Masa's choice - lovely ey?

The finished dresses. I've had A LOT of fun choosing buttons for them. :)

The knitted blanket. I've lost the notebook that I wrote the pattern in so that deffo needs finding and then I've got to knit 27 more squares to this design, another whole blanket to this design, write the pattern, test the pattern (as well as I can in the timescale) and then think about how I'm going to teach it. fml. 

Let's not even talk about the cardigan and mug cosy. Ugh. 

So that's literally been my life for the last two weeks - wasn't too much of a rant was it?

I'll be back soon, I've missed you all!!! I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm really looking forward to some proper physical shop work like cleaning and filling rather than just sitting in my little corner. It will come!!!!

Love Eleanor. :):):):):)

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  1. you are doing so well! hang on in! and the buttons you showed me today are just lovely...